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Nov 202015
WordPress Plugin Name: Custom Facebook Feed

Plugin Author: Smash Balloon
WordPress profile: Smash Balloon
Contributors: smashballoon
Version: 2.3.10
Last updated: December 1, 2015 (2 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 964,901
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Display a completely customizable, responsive and search engine crawlable version of your Facebook feed on your website. Completely match the look and feel of the site with tons of customization options!

"The perfect plugin with amazing support! What else do you want? Get it!" - JoeJeffries

"I honestly cannot recommend this plugin enough. The plugin itself is gorgeous and super customizable, and if you run into will get you out of it. Five Stars across the board." - pamsavoybarnett

"The positive reviews here say it all. John and SmashBalloon are delivering top-notch products and service -- something us website developers value greatly. If I could give them 10 Stars across the board I wouldn't hesitate. Cheers!" - AME Network


  • Completely Customizable - By default the Facebook feed will adopt the style of your website, but can be completely customized to look however you like - with tons of styling and customization options!
  • Facebook feed content is crawlable by search engines adding SEO value to your site - other Facebook plugins embed the feed using iframes which are not crawlable
  • Completely responsive and mobile optimized - layout looks great on any screen size and in any container width
  • Display feeds from multiple different Facebook pages/groups and use the shortcode to embed them into a page, post or widget anywhere on your site
  • Show events from your Facebook feed with name, date/time, location and description
  • Add your own custom CSS
  • Caching means that your Facebook posts load lightning fast. Set your own caching time - check for new posts on Facebook every few seconds, minutes, hours or days. You decide.
  • Super simple to set up. Just enter your Facebook page ID and you're done.
  • Show and hide certain parts of each Facebook post
  • Show or hide the Facebook profile picture and name of the author above each post
  • Display Facebook posts by just the page owner, everyone who posts on your Facebook page, or only other people
  • Control the width, height, padding and background color of your Facebook feed
  • Customize the size, weight and color of text
  • Choose to set a background color and rounded corners on your Facebook posts
  • Supports Facebook tags - creates links when using the @ symbol to tag people in your Facebook posts
  • Automatically links hashtags used in posts to the hashtag page on Facebook
  • Select the number of Facebook posts to display
  • Select from a range of date formats or enter your own
  • Use your own custom link text in place of the defaults
  • Use the shortcode options to style multiple Facebook feeds in completely different ways
  • Set a maximum character length for both the text and descriptions of your Facebook posts
  • Create a customizable header with a range of icons for your Custom Facebook Feed
  • Localization/i18n support to allow every part of the feed to be displayed in your language

To display photos, videos, the number of likes, shares and comments for each Facebook post, multiple layout options, post filtering by type or #hashtag/string and more then upgrade to the Pro version. Try out the Pro demo.


  • Increase social engagement between you and your users, customers, fans or group members
  • Save time by using the Custom Facebook Feed to generate dynamic, search engine crawlable content on your website
  • Get more likes by displaying your Facebook content directly on your site
  • Improve your SEO as all of that quality keyword-rich Facebook content from posts and comments is directly embedded into your website
  • Display your Facebook content your way to perfectly match your website's style
  • The plugin is updated regularly with new features, bug-fixes and Facebook API changes
  • Support is quick and effective
  • We're dedicated to providing the most customizable, robust and well supported Facebook feed plugin in the world!

View the reviews to see what other users are saying about the Custom Facebook Feed plugin.


  1. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 1

    By default the Facebook feed inherits your theme's default styles and is completely responsive

  2. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 2

    Completely customize the way your Facebook feed looks to perfectly match your site

  3. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 3

    Use custom CSS to customize every part of the Facebook feed

  4. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 4

    Display Facebook events

  5. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 5

    Configuring the Custom Facebook Feed plugin

  6. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 6

    General options - Custom Facebook Feed Layout & Style page

  7. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 7

    Typography options - Custom Facebook Feed Layout & Style page

  8. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 8

    Misc options - Custom Facebook FeedLayout & Style page

  9. custom-facebook-feed screenshot 9

    It's super easy to display your Facebook feed in any page or post

Other notes:

Other Notes

"The best dang Facebook plugin this side of the Mississippi!"

At Smash Balloon we have two goals:

  1. Creating and maintaining the most useful, functional, customizable, robust and down-right awesomist Facebook feed plugin your website has ever seen.
  2. To provide the quickest, friendliest and most mind-blowingly amazing product support you have ever experienced.

Why do I need the Custom Facebook Feed plugin?

Increase Social Engagement Increase engagement between you and your users, customers, fans or group members. Get more Facebook likes by displaying your Facebook content directly on your site.

Save Time Don't have time to blog? Save time by using the Custom Facebook Feed instead to generate dynamic content for your website.

Display Your Facebook Content Your Way Tailor your Facebook feeds to display whatever types of content you like. Integrate your Facebook content into your website to completely match the look and feel of the site. No more uncustomizable Facebook iframes.

Add Dynamic SEO Facebook Content to Your Site All of that quality keyword-rich Facebook content from Facebook posts is directly embedded into your website.

No Coding Required Choose from tons of built-in customization options to create a truly unique feed of your Facebook content.

Mind-blowing Customer Support We understand that sometimes you need help, have issues or just have questions. We love our customers and strive to provide the best support experience in the business. If you need support then just let us know and we'll get back to you right away.

How to get a Facebook Access Token

For step-by-step instructions and screenshots on how to get a Facebook Access Token just follow the Facebook Access Token instructions on the Smash Balloon website.

You no longer need your own Access Token to use the Custom Facebook Feed Plugin, but if you'd like to use your own then you will need to obtain one from Facebook. Don't worry though, this is really easy to do. Just follow the steps below:

1) Go to and click on Log In in the top right. Log in using your personal Facebook credentials.

Note: The personal Facebook account that you use to register as a Facebook developer does not need to be associated in any way with the Facebook page or Facebook group whose posts you want to display. You can use the Facebook Access Token you receive to display the Facebook posts from any public Facebook page or open Facebook group.

Note: You cannot log in to the Facebook Developer site using a Facebook Page or Facebook Business account. You must use the username and password from your personal Facebook profile. Facebook doesn't allow businesses to register as Facebook developers, only individuals.

2) If this is your first time signing in to the Facebook Developer portal then click on Register Now. Registering is a quick an easy process which will take less than a couple of minutes. If you're already registered as a Facebook developer then you can skip ahead to step 9.

3) Accept the Facebook terms and click Continue.

4) Enter your phone number to confirm your account.

5) Facebook will send you an automated text message containing a confirmation code. Enter it in the box and click Confirm.

6) Choose to share your phone number with Only Me (unless you wish to share it with publicly or with Facebook friends).

7) You can skip the next step by clicking Skip.

8) Click Done.

9) Now click on Create New App.

10) Enter your Facebook App Name. This can be anything you like. Click Continue.

11) Fill in Facebook's Security Check and click Continue.

12) Your Facebook App should now be set up. Copy and paste your Facebook App ID and Facebook App Secret into the fields in the last step of the Access Token instructions to retrieve your Facebook Access Token.

What some of our users think

See all of the reviews here

"Loving the Facebook feed plugin from @smashballoon. It's gonna transform my work's website! Great customer service too :)" - Grace Snow

"Love the style and functionality of the @smashballoon facebook feed plugin. AMAZING support!" - Bella Guzman

"Hands down the BEST Facebook feed plugin for WP - @smashballoon #prettysureivetriedthemall" - Jacob Ajjarapu

"@smashballoon Custom Facebook Feed plugin for WordPress is excellent and support couldn't have been easier or faster. Thx!" - Scott Whittier

"@smashballoon Love your Facebook plugin, and fantastic back-up support - good work" - Mike Harwood

"Very smooth purchase process. After getting the Facebook access key, the plugin worked perfectly. Needed some questions answered, and received the best personal support i've ever had. Can't recommend this plugin highly enough." - jondennis

"I am not by any means an experienced web designer or programmer. Normally upon seeking tech support for anything I am met with a support tech that either talks over my head and answers me as shortly as possible. The short answers would not normally bother me if the response time was under 6-8 hours if not 3 days for a response. I found Smash Balloon by absolute luck in my search for a Facebook Plugin for my blog site that had a better look than the Facebook widget that my site came with. In fear that I would receive the aforementioned type of "help," I spent almost 2 days trying to save myself the frustration of the technicians by thinking that I could do it myself. Well, I couldn't do it myself and finally I submitted a support request from Smash Balloon. It was the fastest response that I have ever experienced with any tech that I have ever contacted in my life and I didn't feel as if I was talking to a robot whos creator forgot to program the part where they liked their job. Furthermore, I trusted the SmashTeam to go into my site and fix what my limited amount of knowledge would allow me to do on my own. I sat at my computer hitting refresh watching it come to life. I'm now sitting here playing with the very simple and highly extensive custom Facebook feed customization options and my stress has been removed. I recommend this product and this company to anyone and I will continue to do so. Thank you SmashTeam" - Chris West

"I can't tell you how many plugins I struggle with because of poor documentation. I'm not a developer, I am a user who needs (fairly quick) responses. The Custom Facebook Feed plugin doesn't fit into that category at all! I handled 90% of the install by myself, and got immediate and accurate support from the developer when it came to slight customizations. Bottom line: this is the best tool for implementing a Facebook feed into a WordPress page - and the people behind it are simply awesome!" - kairostcheck

"This is THE plugin to use if you want to get realtime postings from your Facebook page onto your WordPress Site. I was up and running in no time. I had a few settings wrong but was able to receive VERY quick responses from Smash Ballon's tech support team (Thanks John!)." - kevymars

"This plugin is great. Pull in as little or as much content from a Facebook page into your WordPress site. Fantastic for keeping content on your WordPress pages dynamic with no more effort other than using your Facebook page as per normal. I had some issues in getting the plugin to work at first, so I contacted support at SmashBalloon. John was immensely helpful, considering I was only using the free version of the plugin. He got to the bottom of my problem (which was a hosting server issue), got this fixed and it works a treat. Would highly recommend SmashBalloon for quality of product and refreshingly good support. Well done!" - gluedesign

"Easy to install, took about 5-10 minutes in total. Was able to get 3 facebook feeds showing up on my page which is exactly what I needed as we have 3 facebook pages. Definately the easiest facebook plugin to use that I've tried." - susiep

"I got it working pretty easily and looks sweet. A lot of customization options for a simple facebook plugin - makes it really easy to get it lookin just right. Wish facebook made it easier to get a token but is what it is. The step by step instructions helped so wasn't too bad. Cheers, Moz" - mozlover

"Tried a bunch of other facebook plugins but they were either impossible to get working or looked like garbage. This facebook plugin has easy to follow instructions and lets you customize pretty much every aspect of it. Highly recommend." - Samtaray

"You will have a professional touch to a website with this plugin. Total freedom to integrate Facebook in your website - which is of course much nicer than the standard options from Facebook. Have a look at where you can see the implementation. Smashballoon did a great job with this plugin and their service and instructions on their website are very clear! Bravo! Paul (Young Focus)" - paulvw

"Easy to set up. Nice to be able to show facebook posts on my site without the ugly facebook social plugin." - B

The Importance of Facebook for Small Businesses

Below is an article indicating the importance of building a Facebook community around your business or product. The Custom Facebook Feed plugin can help you to build a Facebook community more easily and effectively.

A few years back when Mark Zuckerberg came up with his concept of a social networking site and named it Facebook, he had no idea what it would become in the time to come. Facebook has quite literally revolutionized the way we look at social networking. With over 700 million active Facebook users, it is definitely the biggest platform you can get if you seek to engage with many people simultaneously. Though Facebook is the premiere social networking platform, it also holds a lot of potential for businesses. The fact that Facebook can help businesses in growing and reaching out to a new customer base has added to Facebook's popularity.

Today when you look at Facebook and the Facebook groups or Facebook pages that exist on the site, you will find that every popular brand is there. They are not only there but are active on Facebook on almost a daily basis. For the present generation, who spend a lot more time on the internet than on the TV, brands needed to change their approach. Facebook provides the best possible solution in this scenario. However, it is not only the big brands that make the full use of Facebook's social media power. Even small businesses can benefit greatly from using Facebook if they make optimal use of the various features that Facebook has to offer.

Why Use Facebook for Your Business?

When you start your business, many things have to be taken into account. Amongst the tons of seemingly more important things, you might question the need for using Facebook. Often people end up feeling that Facebook is too trivial a task and can be accomplished at anytime. Here are some reasons why you should have your presence on a social networking giant like Facebook and take it very seriously:

Customer Interaction: Having your business on Facebook through a Facebook fanpage or a Facebook group is a great way to learn more about your customers. Through Facebook comments or Facebook posts, you get to have direct feedback and conversations with your target audience on Facebook. The people who like your Facebook fanpage or join your Facebook group are only there because they want to be. They are there to know what they can about you and you can do the same thing.

Give a personal touch to your business: Being well connected is important for any business, especially for a small one. You need to be able to communicate with people and grow your contacts. The best possible way to do that is through direct involvement. Facebook allows you to give your business an image and then you can actually have live conversations with people who matter, making communicating through Facebook a more personal experience then what you get on a TV.

Develop a loyal fan base: Facebook allows you to develop your very own Facebook community. All you need to do is, post links and content that is both relevant and useful. You can even have promotional Facebook campaigns and Facebook contests through your Facebook page and offer incentives as well. If done correctly, you will find that you can develop a loyal community for your business on Facebook.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization is a key aspect for anyone who wants to build a significant presence on the web. Having a Facebook page for your business can help you in your SEO efforts as well. All the links and Facebook posts on the page are indexed by search engines. So having a Facebook page flowing with continuous relevant content will definitely give you a jump in search engine rankings.

Beat your competition: One of the biggest reasons for you to make sure that you are on Facebook is that your competition might already be there. In this cut throat environment, lagging behind will make it really hard for your business to succeed.

Viral promotion: If someone ends up liking your page then it appears in their Facebook news feed. This makes it possible for your business to be in their eyes on a regular basis through Facebook status updates or content posting. What's more, if they comment on your Facebook post, their Facebook friends will also see your Facebook post and this will help in viral promotion of your business.

Facebook Ads: Your business at Facebook is not just limited to a Facebook page or Facebook group. Facebook also offers you a chance to put up Facebook advertising campaigns. You can build your Facebook advertisements, and as per your budget requirements, go for a Facebook campaign suitable for your business. You can also choose the set of people to whom these Facebook ads will be visible. You can target your Facebook ads on the basis of demographics, educational level, interests etc. It is also up to you to decide how often these Facebook ads will appear.

Save money: Apart from these facts, Facebook is free. You do not need to spend anything for promoting your company through a Facebook page. Facebook already has people addicted to it. This means you do not have to look for customers – they are already there on Facebook.

How to Make the Best Use of Facebook?

Many people

Latest Change log entry:

  • Fix: If you're experiencing an issue with your Facebook feed not automatically updating successfully then please update the plugin and enable the following setting: Custom Facebook Feed > Customize > Misc > Misc Settings > Force cache to clear on interval. If you set this setting to 'Yes' then it should force your plugin cache to clear either every hour, 12 hours, or 24 hours, depending on how often you have the plugin set to check Facebook for new posts.


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Jason's Comments:

I recommend upgrading to The Custom Facebook Feed Pro for more features: post images, likes, shares and comments. You don’t need custom feed, if you are just looking for a Facebook Like Box.

Nov 182015
WordPress Plugin Name: Popup Maker

Plugin Author: Daniel Iser
WordPress profile: Daniel Iser
Contributors: danieliser
Version: 1.3.9
Last updated: November 2, 2015 (3 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.3.3
Download count: 182,780
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


This isn't your grandmas popup software, get ready to increase subscriptions, user interaction, conversion rates and overall usability of your website. Popup Maker is the most versatile and easy to use popup, modal & content overlay plugin available. With a wide variety of customization settings you can create any type of overlay you can imagine. With a growing library of extensions you can further increase it's power. Create slide outs for related content, banner notices, optin or contact forms, special advertisements & much more. there are no limits here for customizability or creativity.

With hooks, filters and a full JavaScript events API you can take basic popups to a new level. Customize the content, the look, the animations, the triggers, or create your own. The potential is limitless, or just use the included functionality to make great popups out of the box.

Core Features

  • Unlimited Customizable Popups & Popup Themes
  • WYSIWYG content editor - Allows shortcodes, HTML optin forms and any other content you can think of.
  • Content Targeting Conditions - With our targeting conditions you can show a popup on one page or all pages of your site for precise content targeting.
  • Visual Theme Builder - Customize every visual aspect of your popups to blend perfectly into your site with no coding required. We include color pickers, sliders, Google Fonts & much more. Over 60 options!
  • Click Open Popup Triggers - Open popups from your menus, sidebars, footers, text content, buttons, images or anything else on the page that the user can click.
  • Auto Open Popups - One of the absolute best ways to market your most valuable offers, Auto Open Popups allows you to choose the delay before opening, when the cookie is set and how long the cookie will last.
  • Precise Positioning, Size & Animation Controls - Customize where your popup will show, the size, animation style and even where it animates from. Easily make slide outs in the bottom corner or top banner bars.
  • Responsive Popups - Choosing a responsive size will make your popups resize automatically with users screen size. Great for use with themes that are responsive.
  • Too many features to list here - If you can't figure out how to get the functionality your after, ask us we will be glad to help.

Now works with Visual Composer by WP Bakery - Craft beautiful & fully responsive popups in no time with Popup Maker & Visual Composer.

Supported Optin Forms

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • InfusionSoft
  • GetResponse
  • Constant Contact
  • MailPoet
  • MadMimi
  • HubSpot
  • Emma
  • Plus Many More - Just about any optin form. If you find one that doesn't work let us know.

100% Supported Form Plugins

Not all form plugins are optimal for use in popups. The following support AJAX submission which is ideal for modal forms.

  • Gravity Forms
  • Ninja Forms
  • Caldera Forms
  • Contact Form 7

Need it in another language? Help us [translate Popup Maker](https://transla

Check out our extension line to increase conversions & further enhance your popups.

For the full list of extensions and more information, visit our extension store!

Subscribe to our Newsletter and receive tutorials and guides tailored to teaching you how to drastically improve your conversion rates using Popup Maker.

  • If you like the plugin please rate & review it! If you love the plugin and want news & updates, follow us on Twitter!
  • Check out the Popup Maker Website for everything Popup Maker.

Plugin Developers Site - Daniel Iser


  1. popup-maker screenshot 1

    Create an infinite amount of popups and put any content inside your popups! No restrictions, no limitations - customize your popup content to fit your needs.

  2. popup-maker screenshot 2

    Use the Popup Maker WYSIWIG Content Editor to easily customize your popups' content! Plus, use Short Codes, HTML, and other code to give your popups ultimate power. Adding popups and content in Popup Maker is just like adding pages and content in WordPress.

  3. popup-maker screenshot 3

    Popup Maker offers you pixel perfect positioning settings to match your needs and fit your website perfectly.

  4. popup-maker screenshot 4

    Create high performing themes in minutes with our user friendly Theme Builder. Don't be worried to go with the flow, you can easily revert to old saves with Revision History.

  5. popup-maker screenshot 5

    Theme every element of your popups to blend perfectly into your site: Background Overlay, Popup Container, Close Button, Google Fonts & much more. All in all, customize your popup theme with over 60 options!

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:


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Jason's Comments:

This plugin superseeds the earlier version Easy Modal. First create a theme layout, but then it’s easy to the create pop-ups.

Oct 292015
Version: 1.2.9
Last updated: December 8, 2015 (2 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 243,782
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


When moving your WordPress site to a new domain or server, you will likely run into a need to run a search/replace on the database for everything to work correctly. Fortunately, there are several plugins available for this task, however, all have a different approach to a few key features. This plugin consolidates the best features from these plugins, incorporating the following features in one simple plugin:

  • Serialization support for all tables
  • The ability to select specific tables
  • The ability to run a "dry run" to see how many fields will be updated
  • No server requirements aside from a running installation of WordPress
  • WordPress Multisite support

Time-saving features available in the Pro version:

  • View exactly what changed during a search/replace
  • Backup and import the database while running a search/replace
  • Priority email support from the developer of the plugin
  • Save or load custom profiles for quickly repeating a search/replace in the future
  • Support and updates for 1 year

Learn more about Better Search Replace Pro

The search and replace functionality is heavily based on interconnect/it's great and open-source Search Replace DB script, modified to use WordPress native database functions to ensure compatibility.

Supported Languages

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish

Want to contribute?

Feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request on GitHub.


  1. better-search-replace screenshot 1

    The Better Search Replace page added to the "Tools" menu

  2. better-search-replace screenshot 2

    After running a search/replace dry-run.

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • Fix: Bug with case-insensitive searches in serialized objects
  • Fix: Bug with early skip due to lack of primary key


better search replace, database, search and replace, Search Replace, search replace database, search&replace, update database urls, update live url, update urls

Jason's Comments:

Managing content across your website includes having consistency for certain terms. This plugin will find and replace terms for you – but be careful and backup before hand. I also recommend using reusable content blocks. Technically, many people use this plugin when moving a website from one domain to another domain, then need to update the domain URL for images and links in posts, across the site.

Oct 012015
WordPress Plugin Name: MailChimp for WordPress

Plugin Author: ibericode
WordPress profile: ibericode
Contributors: Ibericode, DvanKooten, iMazed, hchouhan
Version: 3.1.1
Last updated: February 1, 2016 (1 week ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 3,058,356
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


MailChimp for WordPress

Adding sign-up methods for your MailChimp lists to your WordPress site should be easy. With this plugin, it finally is.

MailChimp for WordPress helps you add more subscribers to your MailChimp lists using various methods. You can create good looking opt-in forms or integrate with any other form on your site, like your comment, contact or checkout form.

Some of the MailChimp for WordPress features

Become a Premium user

MailChimp for WordPress has a Premium add-on which comes with several additional benefits.

  • Multiple forms (with AJAX)
  • eCommerce360 integration for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Email notifications
  • An easy way to style your forms
  • Detailed reports & statistics
View more Premium features

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is a newsletter service that allows you to send out email campaigns to a list of email subscribers. MailChimp is free for lists up to 2000 subscribers, which is why it is the newsletter-service of choice for thousands of businesses.

This plugin acts as a bridge between your WordPress site and your MailChimp account, connecting the two together.

If you do not yet have a MailChimp account, creating one is 100% free and only takes you about 30 seconds.


  1. mailchimp-for-wp screenshot 1

    A static sign-up form in the sidebar of the Twenty Fifteen theme.

  2. mailchimp-for-wp screenshot 2

    Highly effective 1-click subscribe option in your comment, registration or other forms.

  3. mailchimp-for-wp screenshot 3

    Use your own fields or use our Field Builder.

  4. mailchimp-for-wp screenshot 4

    Integrations for many popular plugins.

  5. mailchimp-for-wp screenshot 5

    Don't know CSS? No worries, our Styles Builder will do the heavy lifting for you! (Pro Feature)

  6. mailchimp-for-wp screenshot 6

    Detailed statistics on which methods are generating the most subscribers. (Pro Feature)

Other notes:

Other Notes


Use the plugin forums for community support where we try to help all of our users. If you found a bug, please create an issue on Github where we can act upon them more efficiently.

If you're a premium user, please use the email address inside the plugin for support as that will guarantee a faster response time.

Please take a look at the MailChimp for WordPress knowledge base as well.

Add-on plugins

There are several add-on plugins for MailChimp for WordPress, which help you get even more out of your site.


The plugin is translated using Transifex. If you want to help out, please head over to the translation project on Transifex.


MailChimp for WordPress is being developed on GitHub. If you want to collaborate, please look at ibericode/mailchimp-for-wordpress.

Latest Change log entry:


  • Field Helper not adding type attribute when building forms.
  • Field Helper not setting the correct value attribute for Hidden Groups.


  • Add sourcemaps to minified JavaScript files.
  • Add link to article on how to enable debug logging.
  • Field Helper now always shows both placeholder and value fields.


buddypress, contact form 7, email, ibericode, mailchimp, mailchimp forms, mailchimp integrations, marketing, mc4wp, newsletter, subscribe, widget, woocommerce

Jason's Comments:

I use this plugin to integrate with Contact Form 7, giving people the option to subscribe to the Mailchimp mail-list, when filling out a form. If you have more than one list and more than one form, you need to Knowlegde Base for Mailchimp plugin how to assign the sign up checkbox for a specific list.

Jul 032015
WordPress Plugin Name: WordPress ReCaptcha Integration

Plugin Author: Jörn Lund
WordPress profile: Jörn Lund
Contributors: podpirate
Version: 1.1.10
Last updated: December 17, 2015 (2 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 54,935
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Integrate reCaptcha in your blog. Supports no Captcha as well as old style recaptcha. Provides of the box integration for signup, login, comment formsand Ninja Forms as well as a plugin API for your own integrations.


  • Secures login, signup und comments with a recaptcha.
  • Supports old as well as new reCaptcha.
  • Works together with

  • For integration in your self-coded forms see this wiki article for details.


Latest Files on GitHub:


On a WP Multisite you can either activate the plugin network wide or on a single site.

Activated on a single site everything works as usual.

With network activation entering the API key and setting up where a captcha is required is up to the network admin. A blog admin can override the API key e.g. when his blog is running under his/her own domain name.

Known Limitations

  • You can't have more than one old style reCaptcha on a page. This is a limitiation of reCaptcha itself. If that's an issue for you, you should use the no Captcha Form.

  • A No Captcha definitely requires client side JavaScript enabled. That's how it does its sophisticated bot detection magic. There is no fallback. If your visitor does not have JS enabled the captcha test will not let him through.

  • On a Contact Form 7 when the reCaptcha is disabled (e.g. for logged in users) the field label will be still visible. This is due to CF7 Shortcode architecture, and can't be fixed.

    To handle this there is a filter recaptcha_disabled_html. You can return a message for your logged-in users here. Check out the GitHub Repo for details.

  • As of version 4.3 CF7 comes with its own recaptcha. Both are supposed to work together. I you want to keep the WP ReCaptcha functionality, e.g. if you want to hide the captcha from known users, leave the integration in the CF7 settings unconfigured.

  • Old style reCaptcha does not work together with WooCommerce.

  • In WooCommerce the reset password form can not be protected by a captcha. Woocommerce does not fire any action in the lost password form, so there is no way for the plugin to hook in. Take a look at this thread for a workaround.

  • Due to a lack of filters there is no (and as far as one can see, there will never be) support for the MailPoet subscription form.


  1. wp-recaptcha-integration screenshot 1

    Plugin Settings (v 1.1.4)

  2. wp-recaptcha-integration screenshot 2

    Ninja Form Integration

  3. wp-recaptcha-integration screenshot 3

    Contact Form 7 Integration

Other notes:

Plugin API

The plugin offers some filters to allow themes and other plugins to hook in.

See GitHub-Repo for details.

Latest Change log entry:

  • Feature: Changed Contact Form 7 support: As of version 4.3 CF7 comes with its own recaptcha. The plugin now just makes sure both captchas work together. It also keeps the API keys in sync.
  • Fix: Disable Captcha for logged in users now respects custom roles without read capability. (Thanks to @lainme)


captcha, contact form 7, login, ninja forms, no captcha, recaptcha, security, signup, woocommerce

Jason's Comments:

Google have provided a new style of anti bot check box – “No Captcha” – just click a button. I use this plugin to integrate “No Captcha” for the login forms, post comments and for Contact Form 7 (replaces Really Simple CAPTCHA).

May 092015
WordPress Plugin Name: SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

Plugin Author: SiteOrigin
WordPress profile: SiteOrigin
Contributors: gpriday, braam-genis
Version: 1.5.7
Last updated: February 4, 2016 (5 days ago)
Compatibility (latest version): 100% (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 1,302,139
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Widgets are great. No matter where you’re using them. In a Page Builder page or on your widgetized areas.

The SiteOrigin widget bundle gives you a collection of widgets that you can use and customize. All the widgets are built on our powerful framework, giving you advanced forms, unlimited colours and 1500+ icons.

The collection is growing, but here’s what we have so far.

  • Google Maps Widget that's going places.
  • Button Widget that you’ll love to click.
  • Image Widget that’ll let you add images everywhere.
  • Call To Action Widget that’ll get your users performing the actions you want.
  • Slider Widget that slides images and HTML5 videos.
  • Price Table Widget that’ll help you sell more.
  • Post Carousel Widget that displays your posts as a carousel.
  • Features Widget that lets you display a set of site or service features.
  • Video Widget to get your videos out there.
  • Headline Widget to get you noticed.
  • Social Links Widget to show you're active.

Once you enable a widget, you'll be able to use it anywhere standard widgets are used. You can manage your widgets by going to Plugins > SiteOrigin Widgets in your WordPress admin.


  1. so-widgets-bundle screenshot 1

    Manage which widgets you want enabled or disabled.

  2. so-widgets-bundle screenshot 2

    The button widget shows the clean, standard interface all the widgets use.

  3. so-widgets-bundle screenshot 3

    An example of the button widget.

Other notes:


Documentation is available on SiteOrigin.


We offer free support on the SiteOrigin support forums.

Create Custom Widgets

The SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle is the perfect platform to build widgets for your theme or plugin. Read more on our developer docs.

Latest Change log entry:

  • Restored old class name for Image Grid Widget.


bundle, button, carousel, google maps, image, price table, slider, social links, TinyMCE, widget

Jason's Comments:

These widgets work in any widget area – created by Site Origin which makes a Page Builder.

May 092015
WordPress Plugin Name: Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Plugin Author: SiteOrigin
WordPress profile: SiteOrigin
Contributors: gpriday, braam-genis
Version: 2.2.2
Last updated: December 9, 2015 (2 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): 100% (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 3,164,561
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Page Builder by SiteOrigin is the most popular page creation plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to create responsive column based content, using the widgets you know and love. Your content will accurately adapt to all mobile devices, ensuring your site is mobile-ready. Read more on SiteOrigin.

We've created an intuitive interface that looks just like WordPress itself. It's easy to learn, so you'll be building beautiful, responsive content in no time.

Page Builder works with standard WordPress widgets, so you'll always find the widget you need. We've created the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle to give you all the most common widgets, and with a world of plugins out there, you'll always find the widget you need.

It works with your theme.

Page Builder gives you complete freedom to choose any WordPress theme you like. It's not a commitment to a single theme or theme developer. The advantage is that you're free to change themes as often as you like. Your content will always come along with you.

We've also made some fantastic free themes that work well with Page Builder.

No coding required.

Page Builder's simple drag and drop interface means you'll never need to write a single line of code. Page Builder generates all the highly efficient code for you.

We don't limit you with a set of pre-defined row layouts. Page Builder gives you complete flexibility. You can choose the exact number of columns for each row and the precise weight of each column - down to the decimal point. This flexibility is all possible using our convenient row builder. And, if you're not sure what you like, the Row Builder will guide you towards beautifully proportioned content using advanced ratios.

Live Editing.

Page Builder supports live editing. This tool lets you see your content and edit widgets in real-time. It's the fastest way to adjust your content quickly and easily.

History Browser.

This tool lets you roll forward and back through your changes. It gives you the freedom to experiment with different layouts and content without the fear of breaking your content.

Row and widget styles.

Row and widget styles give you all the control you need to make your content uniquely your own. Change attributes like paddings, background colours and column spacing. You can also enter custom CSS and CSS classes if you need even finer grained control.

It's free, and always will be.

Page Builder is our commitment to the democratization of content creation. Like WordPress, Page Builder is, and always will be free. We'll continue supporting and developing it for many years to come. It'll only get better from here.

We offer free support on the SiteOrigin support forums.

Actively Developed

Page Builder is actively developed with new features and exciting enhancements all the time. Keep track on the Page Builder GitHub repository.

Read the Page Builder developer docs if you'd like to develop for Page Builder.

Available in 17 Languages

Through the efforts of both professional translators and our community, Page Builder is available in the following languages: Afrikaans, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Join our translation project if you'd like to help improve our translations or add more languages.


  1. siteorigin-panels screenshot 1

    The page builder interface.

  2. siteorigin-panels screenshot 2

    Powerful widget insert dialog with groups and search.

  3. siteorigin-panels screenshot 3

    Live Editor that lets you change your content in real time.

  4. siteorigin-panels screenshot 4

    Undo changes with the History Browser.

  5. siteorigin-panels screenshot 5

    Row Builder that gives unlimited flexibility.

Other notes:


Documentation is available on SiteOrigin.

Latest Change log entry:

  • Fix tab name for WordPress 4.4. Was displaying undefined.
  • Fix to ensure siteorigin-panels class is added to Page Builder pages.


admin, builder, cms, content, CSS, gallery, grid, layout, page, page builder, pages, Post, responsive, widget, widgets

Jason's Comments:

Page Builder by Site Origin makes content layout so easy. Add various blocks or widgets into your page. An easy responsive solution for managing page content. Check out Site Origin Widget Bundle too.

Check out some other Page Builders made especially for certain themes, such as Themify and Elegantthemes.

Apr 212015
Version: 1.0.12
Last updated: December 29, 2015 (1 month ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 3.8.13
Download count: 99,434
Rating: 4 (out of 5)


Give your site’s visitors easy-to-use buttons to engage with your content. These social sharing buttons work as layers that overlay your site so not to disrupt your design.

Here are some tips for maximizing and streamlining content engagement with our newest plugin:

  • Add share buttons and follow buttons that make it easier for your visitors to engage with your site’s content.
  • Recommend additional content from your site to keep your visitors engaged with you.
  • Turn layers on/off and customize their appearance by choosing from three different themes––light, dark, and transparent.
  • Add all these smart features which will float effortlessly above your site’s design so not to disrupt your design.
  • Drive engagement by showing your visitors the right social networks and best content to continue engaging them with your site.

Don’t miss out on your Analytics! Be sure to register so you can keep track of how Smart Layers works on your site, and get to know your audience.

Check out our other plugins!

We also have plugins available for:

Increasing shares

Increasing followers on social networks

Welcoming users based on social behavior

Adding social authentication

Showing your trending content

Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and our AddThis Blog. Here’s our Privacy Policy, too.


  1. addthis-smart-layers screenshot 1

    Easy configuration option with preview for various screen sizes.

  2. addthis-smart-layers screenshot 2

    Advanced option for power users to customize using AddThis Smart Layers API

Other notes:

PHP Version

PHP 5+ is preferred; PHP 4 is supported.

Latest Change log entry:

  • Updating license for dependency


AddThis, addtoany, aim, bookmark, bookmarking, buzz, content recommendation,, Digg, e-mail, email, Facebook, follow, google, google bookmarks, google buzz, mobile, myspace, network, NewsVine, pinterest, recommended content, Reddit, Share, share this, sharethis, sharing, smart layers, social, socialize, stumbleupon, toaster, twitter, widget, windows live, yahoo buzz

Jason's Comments:

I prefer the floating format provided by this particular AddThis plugin. The responsive layout places the follow and share at the bottom when viewed in a narrow browser. For an alternative social plugin, try the fast loading Social Media Feather plugin.

Mar 242015
WordPress Plugin Name: Use Any Font

Plugin Author: Dinesh Karki
WordPress profile: Dinesh Karki
Contributors: dnesscarkey
Version: 4.4.1
Last updated: January 31, 2016 (1 week ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 492,481
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Use any font you wish and give your site a elegant look. No css knowledge required.

Click here for Use Any Font working demo.

Use Any Font gives you freedom to use any font in your website. It is not like other font embed services which gives you countable number of fonts to select from neither the one that stores your font in remote server. You can use any font if you have its font format (ttf,otf) without being dependent to other's server uptime.


  • Quick and easy to setup. No css or any rocket science knowledge needed.
  • Support all major browsers including IE 6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IOS, Andriod, Opera and more.
  • Font conversion within the plugin interface font uploader.
  • Use uploaded font directly from Editor
  • Supports font format including ttf, otf, woff. The required fonts are converted automatically.
  • Accepts font file upto 15 MB.
  • Embed fonts using @font-face css. SEO friendly and quick loading.
  • Multiple fonts can be used.
  • Faster load time as your custom fonts are stored on your own server.
  • Quick font assign interface. You can select pre defined html tags or assign it to custom css.
  • Support Forum to quickly resolve your issues.
  • Rectify My Problem for personal assitance.

You need API key to connect to our server for font conversion. Our server converts your font and sends it back.

Offer your contribution (Free for 1 font, $10 to $100) and get the API key from here.

Installation Video

Note : We don't store your fonts in our server neither any of your information except the API key details. Our server deletes the temporary file after the conversion is done.

We don't respond to support tickets created here. Please visit our support forum for your issues.


  1. use-any-font screenshot 1

    Screenshot #1. Use Any Font Demo

  2. use-any-font screenshot 2

    Screenshot #2. Use Any Font Plugin Setup

  3. use-any-font screenshot 3

    Screenshot #3. Assign font directly from Wordpress Editor

  4. use-any-font screenshot 4

    Screenshot #4. Font list not showing in editor.

  5. use-any-font screenshot 5

    Screenshot #5. Disable font list in editor.

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • Fixed SSL API key issue


@font-face embed, any font, css3 font embed, custom fonts, embed any font, font conversion, font embed, font uploader, opentype, ttf, use any font, webfont

Jason's Comments:

If you can’t find the font family you want from regular web fonts or google fonts, then this plugin allows you to upload a font from your computer, to display on your website. You select various rules to show the font. Nifty!

Mar 242015
WordPress Plugin Name: Instagram Slider Widget

Plugin Author: jetonr
WordPress profile: jetonr
Contributors: jetonr
Version: 1.3.0
Last updated: June 29, 2015 (8 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.2.7
Download count: 157,890
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


  • Instagram Slider Widget is a responsive slider widget that shows 24 latest images from a public instagram user.


  • Images from instagram are imported as wordpress attachments
  • Display Images in Slider or Thumbnails
  • No Api Key Needed
  • Link images to user profile, image url, locally saved image, attachment url, custom url or none
  • Sort images Randomily, Popularity, Date
  • For more info visit

Where can I get support

I will try to respond on asap but for faster reposnse use the link bellow *

If you liked this plugin. Please rate it


  1. instagram-slider-widget screenshot 1

    Frontend Widget Slider

  2. instagram-slider-widget screenshot 2

    Frontend Widget Thumbs

  3. instagram-slider-widget screenshot 3

    Backend Configuration

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • Added Option to search for hashtags
  • Added Limit for number of words to appear in caption
  • Fixed 500 server error that accured when loading 15+ images
  • Fixed css for some themes


Jason's Comments:

I prefer slider but can show thumbnail grid. Works for widgets and provides a shortcode for placing in pages / posts.

Mar 132015
Version: 1.4.3
Last updated: September 24, 2015 (5 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.3.3
Download count: 81,784
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Do you find this plugin helpful? Please consider leaving a 5-star review.

Better Font Awesome allows you to automatically integrate the latest available version of Font Awesome into your WordPress project, along with accompanying CSS, shortcodes, and TinyMCE icon shortcode generator.


  • Always up-to-date - automatically fetches the most recent available version of Font Awesome, meaning you no longer need to manually update the version included in your theme/plugin.

  • Backwards compatible - shortcode output is automatically updated depending on which version of Font Awesome you choose, meaning that you can switch versions without having to modify your shortcodes.

  • Compatible with other plugins - designed to work with shortcodes generated with plugins like Font Awesome Icons, Font Awesome More Icons, and Font Awesome Shortcodes, so you can switch to Better Font Awesome and your existing shortcodes will still work.

  • CDN speeds - Font Awesome CSS is pulled from the super-fast and reliable jsDelivr CDN.

  • Shortcode generator - includes an easy-to-use TinyMCE dropdown shortcode generator.


All settings can be adjusted via Settings → Better Font Awesome.


Better Font Awesome can be used in 3 different ways: shortcode, HTML, and TinyMCE

1. Shortcode

[icon name="flag" class="2x spin border" unprefixed_class="my-custom-class"]

Note that prefixes (fa- and icon-) are not required, but if you do include them things will still work just fine! Better Font Awesome is smart enough to know what version of Font Awesome you're using and correct of the appropriate prefix.

That means that all of the following shortcodes will work, regardless of what version of Font Awesome you choose:

[icon name="flag" class="2x spin border"]
[icon name="icon-flag" class="icon-2x icon-spin icon-border"]
[icon name="fa-flag" class="fa-2x fa-spin fa-border"]
[icon name="icon-flag" class="fa-2x spin icon-border"]

You can read more about shortcode usage on Github

2. TinyMCE

Better Font Awesome also provides you with an easy-to-use drop down menu when editing in TinyMCE's visual mode. Check out our Screenshots to see what it looks like.


Note that prefixes are required for HTML usage, and are version-specific. For this reason, shortcode usage is encouraged over HTML. If you do want to use HTML, however, you can read more on the Font Awesome site.

Advanced / Integration

Better Font Awesome is built around the Better Font Awesome Library. This library allows you to integrate Better Font Awesome into any custom project you want to create (perhaps a theme or plugin with a constantly up-to-date icon list), and includes all the filters you might need.

Languages / Translations


Many thanks to the following plugins and their authors:

And many thanks to the following folks who helped with testing and QA:


  1. better-font-awesome screenshot 1

    The icon shortcode dropdown selector

  2. better-font-awesome screenshot 2

    Better Font Awesome settings, accessed via Settings → Better Font Awesome

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • Fix: refactor JS to allow icon shortcode insertion button to work in all instances (ACF Flexible and Repeater fields, divi, Black Studio TinyMCE ).


awesome, better, Bootstrap, CDN, font, fontstrap, icon, icons, shortcode

Jason's Comments:

This is the big list of icons automatically kept up to date. For a smaller list try Genericon’d.

Mar 132015
WordPress Plugin Name: Genericon'd

Plugin Author: Mika Epstein
WordPress profile: Mika Epstein
Contributors: Ipstenu
Version: 3.4.1
Last updated: November 12, 2015 (3 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 20,470
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Genericons are vector icons embedded in a webfont designed to be clean and simple keeping with a generic aesthetic.

A full list of the Genericons icons is available at but also on the WP Admin -> Apperance -> Genericon'd page.

To use any of the Genericons icons on your WordPress site you can use basic HTML (for inserting in themes and functions) or shortcodes (for use in posts or widgets). You can adjust the size of the icons via css or, when using the shortcode, the size attribute. Default size is 16px.

To display the Twitter icon:

HTML: <div class="genericond genericon genericon-twitter"></div> or <i class="genericond genericon genericon-twitter"></i>

Shortcode: [genericon icon=twitter]


  1. genericond screenshot 1

    Genericon'd help page

  2. genericond screenshot 2

    Zaboo, patron avatar of Genericon'd

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • 2015-11-12
  • IE8 support restored.


font icon, genericons, icons, ui

Jason's Comments:

Basic icons to make text look more eye catching. For a larger set of icons try Better Font Awesome.

Jan 292015
Version: 2.2.8
Last updated: September 16, 2015 (5 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): 100% (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.3.3
Download count: 2,759,244
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


This plugin adds a new Visual Editor widget type that allows you to insert rich text and media objects in your sidebars with no hassle. The default WordPress text widget lacks of functionalities and it requires HTML knowledge, this plugin was born to overcome these limitations. With Black Studio TinyMCE Widget you will be able to edit your widgets in a WYSIWYG manner using the native WordPress TinyMCE editor, just like you do in posts and pages. And if you are a developer you may still switch back and forth from Visual to HTML mode.


  • Add rich text widgets to your sidebars and edit them using visual editor
  • Switch between Visual mode and HTML mode (including Quicktags toolbar)
  • Insert images/videos from WordPress Media Library
  • Insert links to existing WordPress pages/posts or external resources
  • Support for fullscreen editing mode
  • Support for widgets accessibility mode
  • Support for WordPress networks (multi-site)
  • Support for WPML (multi-language)
  • Live preview in theme customizer
  • Available in 20+ languages


Get involved


  1. black-studio-tinymce-widget screenshot 1

    Black Studio TinyMCE Widget in Visual mode

  2. black-studio-tinymce-widget screenshot 2

    Black Studio TinyMCE Widget in HTML mode

  3. black-studio-tinymce-widget screenshot 3

    Black Studio TinyMCE Widget combined with WP Edit plugin

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • Fixed link dialog z-index issue in Customizer


editor, editor widget, enhanced text widget, html editor, html widget, image, image widget, media, media widget, rich text, rich text editor, rich text widget, Text Widget, TinyMCE, tinymce editor, tinymce widget, visual editor, visual widget, widget, widget editor, wysiwyg, wysiwyg editor, wysiwyg widget

Jason's Comments:

Make it easy on yourself and use this plugin to visually edit content in a widget without knowing HTML.

Sep 032014
WordPress Plugin Name: WPS Hide Login

Plugin Author: WPServeur
WordPress profile: WPServeur
Contributors: tabrisrp, WPServeur
Version: 1.1.4
Last updated: January 18, 2016 (3 weeks ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.4.2
Download count: 51,104
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


WPS Hide Login is a very light plugin that lets you easily and safely change the url of the login form to anything you want. It doesn’t literally rename or change files in core, nor does it add rewrite rules. It simply intercepts page requests and works on any WordPress website. The wp-admin directory and wp-login.php page become inaccessible, so you should bookmark or remember the url. Deactivating this plugin brings your site back exactly to the state it was before.


Requires WordPress 4.1 or higher. All login related things such as the registration form, lost password form, login widget and expired sessions just keep working.

It’s also compatible with any plugin that hooks in the login form, including

  • BuddyPress,
  • bbPress,
  • Limit Login Attempts,
  • and User Switching.

Obviously it doesn’t work with plugins that hardcoded wp-login.php.

Works with multisite, but not tested with subdomains. Activating it for a network allows you to set a networkwide default. Individual sites can still rename their login page to something else.

If you’re using a page caching plugin other than WP Rocket, you should add the slug of the new login url to the list of pages not to cache. WP Rocket is already fully compatible with the plugin.

For W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache this plugin will give you a message with a link to the field you should update.


Description Française

WPS Hide Login est un plugin très léger qui vous permet facilement et en toute sécurité de modifier l'URL de connexion en ce que vous voulez.

Il ne renomme pas ou ne modifie pas de fichiers dans le noyau, et n'ajoute pas de règles de réécriture. Il intercepte tout simplement les demandes de page et fonctionne sur n'importe quel site WordPress.

La page wp-login.php et le répertoire wp-admin deviennent donc inaccessibles, vous devrez donc bookmarker ou vous rappeler l'url. Désactiver ce plugin ramène tout simplement votre site à son état initial.


Nécessite WordPress 4.1 ou supérieur.

Si vous utilisez un plugin de cache autre que WP Rocket, vous devrez ajouter la nouvelle URL de connexion à la liste des pages à ne pas mettre en cache.


  1. wps-hide-login screenshot 1

    Setting on single site installation

  2. wps-hide-login screenshot 2

    Setting for network wide

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • Fix: bypass the plugin when $pagenow is admin-post.php


custom login URL, login, rename, wp-login, wp-login.php

Jason's Comments:

This is plugin is an updated and supported fork of an earlier version, which I had published here.

Consider this plugin together with a few others I recommend for website security and protection.

Aug 222014
WordPress Plugin Name: Better WordPress Minify

Plugin Author: Khang Minh
WordPress profile: Khang Minh
Contributors: OddOneOut
Version: 1.3.3
Last updated: September 13, 2015 (5 months ago)
Compatibility (latest version): Unknown (of votes)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 4.0.10
Download count: 384,142
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Allows you to combine and minify your CSS and JS files to improve page load time. This plugin uses the PHP library Minify and relies on WordPress's enqueueing system rather than the output buffer, which respects the order of CSS and JS files as well as their dependencies. BWP Minify is very customizable and easy to use.

Useful resources to help you get started and make the most out of BWP Minify

Some Features

  • Uses enqueueing system of WordPress which improves compatibility with other plugins and themes
  • Allows you to move enqueued files to desired locations (header, footer, oblivion, etc.) via a dedicated management page
  • Allows you to change various Minify settings (cache directory, cache age, debug mode, etc.) directly in admin
  • Allows you to use friendly Minify urls, such as
  • Allows you to use CDN for minified contents, one CDN host for JS and one for CSS with SSL support
  • Allows you to split long Minify strings into shorter ones
  • Offers various way to add a cache buster to your minify string such as WordPress's version, Theme's version, Cache folder's last modified timestap, etc.
  • Supports script localization (wp_localize_script())
  • Supports inline styles
  • Supports RTL stylesheets
  • Supports media-specific stylesheets (e.g. 'screen', 'print', etc.)
  • Supports conditional stylesheets (e.g. <!--[if lt IE 7]>)
  • Provides hooks for further customization
  • WordPress Multi-site compatible

Please don't forget to rate this plugin 5 shining stars if you like it, thanks!

Get in touch


Please help translate this plugin!


  1. bwp-minify screenshot 1

    Basic Functionality

  2. bwp-minify screenshot 2

    Advanced Settings

  3. bwp-minify screenshot 3

    Enqueued files management

  4. bwp-minify screenshot 4

    Minify in action!

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

* Fixed an issue with wrong `min/config.php` file.


CSS, javascript, JS, minification, minify, minify css, minify javascript, minify js, minify stylesheet, Optimization, optimize, stylesheet

Jason's Comments:

To combine the features of this plugin with others like Hyper Cache plugin, Far Future Expiry Header plugin, I recommend W3 Total Cache plugin.

Website Optimization and Maintenance

There are a few ways to optimize and speed up your website for viewers and search engines: database clean up, image optimization, page / script compression, CPU / server load optimization, server file caching and utilize browser caching.

I provide website tune ups on request and can schedule Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Page Speed optimization, which is best combined after applying general website backup, security and maintenance.