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Divi theme and page builder by Elegant Themes, has become my go to tool for building websites. It gives me the flexibility to do what I want and saves me time with page builder and modules. I highly recommend Divi theme and page builder.


Divi WordPress Theme

I provide installation and setup of Divi theme and page builder.

I provide installation and setup of Divi Booster plugin, Form to Database and Masonry Gallery modules.

Highly recommended Divi Booster plugin - an easy way to make your Divi site better, with 100s of additional Divi options.

divi-booster plugin

I provide installation and setup of Divi theme and page builder.

I provide installation and setup of Divi Booster plugin, Form to Database and Masonry Gallery modules.

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14 hours ago

Animated GIFs and HTML5 videos can be great for animating how a product works on your website. These short animations communicate valuable information to the visitor in a way that is more readily digested than a regular video. Adding these type of GIFs and HTML5 videos can be done pretty easily with Divi. And with a little creativity, you can add 3D effects for unique product animations.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to add 3D effects to GIFs and HTML5 videos to display unique product animations in Divi. This design works really well for those looking for a creative layout to showcase a featured product or service. To do this, we’ll first need to understand how to add GIFs and HTML5 video embeds to your page using Divi. Then we’ll be able to use Divi’s transform options to position and rotate the GIF (or video) in 3d space.

To finish things off, we’ll be using a few Divi design techniques to create a beautiful section layout to go with those 3D GIFs and Videos.

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15 hours ago

Section Dividers continue to be a popular Divi design element. There are many divider styles to choose from with helpful options that make it easy to add unique transitions and backgrounds to your page.

In this tutorial, we are going to use section dividers a bit differently. Divi allows you to adjust the height and arrangement of each divider. This allows us to position dividers above certain areas or content within the section. By using the hover option for divider height, we can add unique hover effects that reveal partially hidden content. This works great for drawing attention to a particular call to action or button that you want visitors to click.

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1 day ago

In today’s video, we're going to check out 6 weird WordPress plugins and pranks that are just for fun.

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Very nice and funny but the plugins are not updated for over 2 years! so not very safe..

Elegant Themes was live.
Elegant Themes

1 day ago

Welcome, Weekly WPers! Expand the video description to check out our list of curated links on resources, news, and tutorials about WordPress that we thought you needed to know about. We are a very lively show, so feel free to hop into the chat section with any questions or questions about Divi or WordPress (or anything else) that we may be able to help you with.

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Awesome, thanks for the information. My main concern is the the code bloat with the 3rd party plugins needed to run a scalable store. I’ll check out Foundation, thanks for the tip.

Sir tell me about divi theme that it is suitable for creative agency. I want to buy this theme.

Will DIVI move to a mobile first CSS framework like Bootstrap? I’m anxiously awaiting the Woo modules update but am thinking about switching one my e-commerce sites to the Bootstrap framework. Any counter argument?

I have a ticker plugin on a Municipality and it's useful I think.

Divi awesome 😀

hola!! desde Buenos!

Buenos Aires

HI!!!!! 👋🏼

Hello from Spain 👋🏻

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1 day ago

Divi’s slider module is packed with design options that make it easy to think outside the box and create stunning slider designs. So today, we are going to turn some things around (literally). In the post that follows, we are going to add vertical slider elements to Divi’s slider module. Having a slider with vertical elements (like title text and slide controls) allow visitors to see more slide content and background images in narrower columns (especially on mobile). And the vertical elements add a refreshing twist on the overall design.

To do this, we’ll be using Divi’s transform rotate option to rotate the entire slider and then counter rotate other elements within each slide as needed to create a modern vertical slider design. We’ll start by going over the basic technique. Then we will create a completely unique header design with this vertical slider.

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Great Mak!!!!!

2 days ago

Gradient backgrounds are nowadays part of almost every modern website you come across. But as soon as you want to create a more complex gradient, you’re probably tended to reach for image editing software. With Divi, there’s an alternative. Thanks to the many built-in options Divi has, you can turn Image Modules into blurred backgrounds. We’ll blur the backgrounds up to a point where only the colors show through and thus form a gradient. We’ll recreate a beautiful example from scratch and also share the design example JSON file for free!

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Customer Support
Developers offering premium WordPress plugins and themes tend to stand behind their plugins and provide good customer support. This is a rarity for free WordPress plugins or themes in most cases. A free product developer can’t really stand behind his product and answer your questions if he is not getting paid in some way.

Better Codebase
Free WordPress plugins or themes are sometimes developed by hobbyists who do not have a good grasp of WordPress’s coding guidelines. This can result in a poorly coded product with potential security holes.

Also, good premium products are usually developed by knowledgeable coders who keep the site performance in mind when developing the product. This ensures that your site’s performance won’t go down after you install.

Continued Development and Updates
Premium WordPress plugin and theme developers usually continue to update their products’ coding to fix bugs, add features and improve the overall design to keep up with current web trends. You usually get these updates for free.

Premium WordPress plugin and theme developers will also keep the product up to date with the latest release of WordPress. This ensures that you won’t get stuck with an incompatible product down the path and no chance of getting any help.

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