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Themify Landing Theme - 23 Pre-designed Layouts

Looking to get more subscribers? Social media followers? Or just increase traffic to your site? Whatever your objective may be, Landing theme can help you design an effective landing page to increase your site conversion. It comes with Themify's drag & drop Builder which includes all the tools you'll ever need to make beautiful landing pages. Each page can have different header design by choosing from various header design options. To make it easier for you, the theme also includes 23 beautiful layouts which you can easily import to your site.

What I like best is the theme option panel and customization details. Without knowing any code I can change pretty much anything. Very intuitive once you get use to what's there. What I don’t like so much is there are too many options. The average user might feel overwhelmed with so many options, so there is a basic (less options) customization option or you can just go with default options.

I would like to have been able to have my logo and my website title in the header. I would also like to have a second menu option and to place contact info above the header. The installation is easy: upload theme, import demo content, customize... The templates are a fantastic way to get lots of ideas without guessing how to do them. Just edit the demo content.

landing theme
Themify Landing Theme - 23 Pre-designed Layouts

Recommended Premium WordPress Themes- Themify Themes premium themes
Themify Premium WordPress Themes - View the gallery

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Themify Premium WordPress Themes - View the gallery

Recommended Premium WordPress Themes- Themify Themes

Themify Framework

Each theme includes our constantly improving Themify framework.

Drag & Drop Builder
The Themify Drag & Drop Builder lets you build pages on-the-fly, allowing you to instantly preview your changes live, on the front end.

Styling Panel
Themify Themes come with a robust and extensive Styling Panel, which allows you control every single detail of your theme.

Themify comes packed to the gills with proprietary shortcodes.

Themify Widgets are crafted to fill in the gaps that other WordPress widgets do not satisfy.

Auto Theme Updates
One-click auto theme update in admin panel, no need to download or FTP.

Logo Image
Establish your brand with customizable website logo text, or upload your own logo.

Custom CSS
Itching to add your own code? Throw in your own custom CSS in the Styling Panel.

SEO Optimized
Carefully coded with search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in mind.
Custom Styling
Our Styling Panel allows you to style anything from font, color, and background.

Social Icons
Themify comes with Social Icons right out of the box, no need to find your own.

WPML Compatible
Translate or create a multilingual site with WPML plugin with Themify themes.

Transform your website into an online shop with WooCommerce, fully supported in Themify.

Google Fonts
Over 600+ Google Web Fonts can be selected for font styling.

Child Themes
Easily create your own customized Themify theme without editing the original themes.

Multisite Support
Create a network of WordPress Multisites that all share the same Themify installation.

Latest WordPress
Themify themes are guaranteed to work with the latest version of WordPress.

About Themify

Themify WordPress Themes

Themify themes

Responsive WordPress themes that are simple to use and customize. Every theme comes with the Themify framework, custom widgets, shortcodes, and documentation to help you easily customize your theme without any coding.

Themify Option Panel

Themify Builder - Demo

Three FREE Themify themes:

Demo - Basic

The purpose of the Basic theme is to give you a starter theme so you can be your own designer. It only contains the basic layout styling so you can customize the theme with your own preferences using the Themify option panel. The layout is completely responsive. It works on any resolution on desktop and mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The theme has similar functionalities as all our other themes such as the grid layout options, footer widgets, and social links, etc.

Demo - iTheme2

iTheme2 is a revamp of iTheme that was originally released by Nick La. Now with the Themify framework, it is even better and have more options. It is the perfect theme for technology & Mac related blogs. It uses media queries to target different displays such as desktop, notebook, iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices.

Demo - Koi

Koi is a simplified version of N.Design's theme. It is an artistic theme and suitable for most personal blogs. Koi is one of the top used themes on The theme supports the WordPress 3.0 new features such as custom menus and child themes but is still backwards compitable with older versions of WordPress.

Recommended Premium WordPress Themes- Themify Themes

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Sneak Peak Friday! We've got a tutorial coming soon on how to use the Builder Pro and Pods plugin to make beautiful property listings like this. Don't sleep on the Builder Pro, get the beta version here today: ... See MoreSee Less

Sneak Peak Friday! Weve got a tutorial coming soon on how to use the Builder Pro and Pods plugin to make beautiful property listings like this. Dont sleep on the Builder Pro, get the beta version here today:

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Thank you very much, Themify 😎

TRUMP IS LOSING HIS CHANCES OF BEING RE-ELECTED IN 2020. HIS RECKLESS ACTIONS ARE PROVING TO BE A COMPLETE FAILURE. HE WILL HAVE TO RESIGN FROM OFFICE OR RISK BEING HUMILIATED ON ELECTION DAY. THE REPUBLICAN IS THE PARTY OF COWARDS. FOX News: Biden 50, Trump 38 (Biden +12). “The latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll found a huge drop in support for Trump among women. The president trails by 32 points among registered women voters when they were asked if they would vote for the president or the eventual Democratic nominee.” While most Democrats and some Republicans work to help those in need and make the country powerful, most Republicans and some Democrats work with the rich and powerful to come out with ways to exploit, take advantage and take help away from those in need. Most Democrats seek to empower the people, while most Republicans seek to empower themselves and the corrupt leaders of other nations. What some Democrats and some Republicans have in common is that they want to empower corporations and sabotage those who gave them power. “‘He’s empty’: Psychiatrist warns Trump is in a ‘psychotic-like state.’ Dr. Lance Dodes warned that things were going to get worse under President Donald Trump in 2017. That’s precisely what happened. “Is that what we’re seeing this week?” MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell ased the psychiatrist. “Absolutely. Donald Trump, because he has a fundamental need to be all-powerful and all loved, can’t stand challenges,” Dr. Dodes said. “And the nature of democracy is that it challenges people. We have more than one opinion. So the more — it was predictable once he got into a position where people would challenge him, there are two parties, he would become more unhinged. Wednesday’s press availability on the White House South Lawn showed exactly that, he explained. “As you watched him respond to people, the more they challenged him, the more he ranted,” Dr. Dodes continued. “He stopped responding to the questions, and instead, he started to talk about how people were agents of fake news. He said that they would go out of business soon. They would die…This is the same kind of thing that he did when he was a candidate when he suggested someone protesting at his campaign rally be taken out and beaten up.” The psychiatrist explained that Trump can’t handle when people disagree with him. “The more he is challenged, the more unhinged. He can’t stand anything that disagrees with him, and the more you challenge him, the more unhinged he becomes, the more paranoid, and the more violent, potentially,” he said. O’Donnell asked about the strange relationship between the president and Kim Jong Un, who the president has said he’s fallen in love with. “He doesn’t really love anyone except himself,” Dr. Dodes explained. “That’s not a slur, that’s a psychological fact. People like him are about him. And we see this not only with the North Korean leader but with all the people he surrounded himself for most of his life who are now recognized as criminals. As long as they stay loyal to him, he loves them. As soon as they challenge him, as soon as they disagree, then they’re terrible people.” That situation is playing out with former top aide Anthony Scaramucci, who spoke glowingly about Trump for years and even published a book about the great work he’d done. Yet, the moment Scaramucci challenged something Trump said, the honeymoon was over. “He never loved him, he only used him,” Dr. Dodes said about Kim, though it could have been applied to anyone Trump has had a falling out with. “If he’s not useful to him, he stops loving him. That’s part of the essential emptiness of Donald Trump. He doesn’t have real relationships with people. Maybe his personal family, we don’t know about that. But you can see that he discards anyone who doesn’t fit his personal needs, which makes him unable to really relate to our allies as well as our enemies.” When it comes to Trump’s look toward the heavens as he bragged about being “the chosen one,” Dr. Dodes explained it was just another example of grandiosity and that there are many people in public life that have a grandiose sense of self. “Donald Trump goes way beyond that,” he explained. “There is a fundamental way in which he’s empty. There’s something fundamentally different about him from normal people. It’s a psychotic-like state. The more you press him, the more you see how disorganized and empty he is. The more he flies into a disorganized rage. So yeah, and by the way, in terms of being God, he also made several what you might call Freudian slips during the interview today. He kept mixing up who he was and who the country was. He said, ‘I have the best economy.’ I, not the country. ‘I defeated the caliphate.’ It’s not just a slip of the tongue; he really doesn’t get it. He thinks of himself as a dictator, and it’s all him and no one else really matters.” – Sarah K. Burris THE NRA DICTATES GUN POLICY: “President Donald Trump quietly signed a bill into law Tuesday, February 28, 2017, rolling back an Obama-era regulation that made it harder for people with mental illnesses to purchase a gun. The rule, which was finalized in December, added people receiving Social Security checks for mental illnesses and people deemed unfit to handle their own financial affairs to the national background check database. Had the rule fully taken effect, the Obama administration predicted it would have added about 75,000 names to that database. President Barack Obama recommended the now-nullified regulation in a 2013 memo following the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which left 20 first graders and six others dead. The measure sought to block some people with severe mental health problems from buying guns. Both the House and Senate last week passed the new bill, H.J. Res 40, revoking the Obama-era regulation. Trump signed the bill into law without a photo op or fanfare. The president welcomed cameras into the oval office Tuesday for the signing of other executive orders and bills. News that the president signed the bill was tucked at the bottom of a White House email alerting press to other legislation signed by the president. The National Rifle Association “applauded” Trump’s action. Chris Cox, NRA-ILA executive director, said the move “marks a new era for law-abiding gun owners, as we now have a president who respects and supports our arms.” Everytown For Gun Safety President John Feinblatt said he expected more gun control rollbacks from the Trump administration. In a statement to NBC News, he called the action "just the first item on the gun lobby’s wish list" and accused the National Rifle Association of "pushing more guns, for more people, in more places." Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., a leading gun control advocate in Congress, called out Republicans over the move. "Republicans always say we don’t need new gun laws; we just need to enforce the laws already on the books. But the bill signed into law today undermines enforcement of existing laws that Congress passed to make sure the background check system had complete information," he said in an emailed statement.” - By Ali Vitali, Feb. 28, 2017, 5:36 PM PST

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We've got a brand new video on the brand new(ish) Builder Pro! As we tune up the beta version for it's official launch, see all the wicked features our WordPress theme builder can do. Get it for free, for a limited time! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks. But a tutorial starting from scratch would be more useful.

Why Buy a Premium WordPress Plugin or Theme?

Customer Support
Developers offering premium WordPress plugins and themes tend to stand behind their plugins and provide good customer support. This is a rarity for free WordPress plugins or themes in most cases. A free product developer can’t really stand behind his product and answer your questions if he is not getting paid in some way.

Better Codebase
Free WordPress plugins or themes are sometimes developed by hobbyists who do not have a good grasp of WordPress’s coding guidelines. This can result in a poorly coded product with potential security holes.

Also, good premium products are usually developed by knowledgeable coders who keep the site performance in mind when developing the product. This ensures that your site’s performance won’t go down after you install.

Continued Development and Updates
Premium WordPress plugin and theme developers usually continue to update their products’ coding to fix bugs, add features and improve the overall design to keep up with current web trends. You usually get these updates for free.

Premium WordPress plugin and theme developers will also keep the product up to date with the latest release of WordPress. This ensures that you won’t get stuck with an incompatible product down the path and no chance of getting any help.

Competitive Edge
Premium WordPress plugins and themes usually offer more functionality and has superior back-end usability. This can give you an immediate advantage over your competitors.