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About Domain Names

What is a Domain Name? – The main part of a website address or URL, usually found in the browser address bar, usually at the top of the browser. A domain name allows you to have an independent website.

domain name URL in the browser address bar

What are the benefits of having a Domain Name? – Easier for people to find you through search engines, a more professional business profile and email address compared to having a listing at another website, such as a listing in a directory. The main domain name for your website should contain your company name or brand or product and also keywords which are the most relevant to your business. It’s worth investigating the availability of domain names containing other keywords and consider having them redirect to your website.

To whom does the Domain Name belong? – A domain name is registered to person, a business or an organization. Each domain name requires administrative contact details, such as name, postal address, phone number and email address. You can change domain name registrars as well as domain name servers, where your website is hosted. A domain name can be moved or be redirected, should you change your website, or move your website to another web hosting provider. A domain name is registered for a period of time, for one or more years, after which, they need to be renewed for another period of time, otherwise the domain name becomes available for others to register.


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