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Some of the best free WordPress plugins from the official open source plugin library.

These are my personal recommendations from experience, all installed, tried & tested. I keep an eye on them and remove any plugins if they are not updated for over two years, as they lack sufficient support, as software needs to be kept up to date. Full plugin details are pulled in automatically from the official library, including: Last updated, Compatibility (latest version), Tested up to (WP version), Download count and Rating.

See “Jason’s comments” after plugin details, for tips & suggestions related to the plugin.

I’ve listed about 50 recommended plugins here, for various solutions. I usually install about a dozen WordPress plugins by default.

Read more about WordPress website security, protection, prevention, where I list a few good plugins to assist.

I’ve expanded my recommendations to the Premium WordPress market which has exploded over the last few years to provide some quality standalone products and worthwhile upgrades.

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Jan 102019

Looking for a simple easy to use lightbox plugin? The lightbox scripts (functionality) tend to be integrated into many plugins and themes these days. The stand alone plugins come and go. This plugin does the job out of the box but you can customize.

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Aug 012018

There has been a few widget control plugins for setting widget display options which have lost developer support. This plugin is supported and has many more options including integration for Siteorigin Page builder.

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Apr 132018

A couple of things to be aware about: 1. NextGEN plugin uploads gallery images to it’s own directory, the images are not available from the WordPress image library. 2. The free version has a limited lightbox popup to show larger size of the thumb images. I found the premium upgrade for the responsive mobile friendly lightbox was a better option than rebuilding from scratch with an alternative gallery.

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Aug 092016

I started using Reusable Text Blocks plugin when in August 2016 Global Content Blocks plugin was removed from the WordPress repository. More recently I switched to using Reusable Content & Text Blocks by Loomisoft for it’s compatibility with page builders.

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Jul 102016

Alternatively, All in One SEO Pack includes Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools integration. If you would like to serve the Google analytics script locally from your web server, instead of externally from the Google server, use Local Google Analytics for WordPress – caches external requests plugin.

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Jun 082016

All in one solution which gets great results for speeding up your website. This plugin has been growing in popularity and is easier to setup than other popular alternatives. I provide plugin install, setup and premium upgrade for $69AUD / lifetime (RRP $49USD) contact me. For further optimization combine with EWWW image optimizer, database cleanup using WP-Optimize plugin and backup with BackWPup plugin.

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May 062016

I recommend this plugin if you don’t know how to edit CSS (style rules) and need a visual point and click selector with the ability to instantly adjustment all the style options. If you just want one file to manage all your custom CSS (style sheet) rules, I recommend My Custom CSS. If you want to separate your custom style sheet (CSS) rules in to different files, I recommend Global CSS by Joddit. If you want to place CSS (style sheet) or JS (Javascript) rules on specific pages, I recommend Specific CSS/JS for Posts and Pages. If you wish to modify any of the theme template files (.php) then it’s best to create a child theme.

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Apr 062016

Managing content across your website includes having consistency for certain terms. This plugin will find and replace terms for you – but be careful and backup before hand. I also recommend using reusable content blocks. Technically, many people use this plugin when moving a website from one domain to another domain, then need to update the domain URL for images and links in posts, across the site.

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