WordPress has evolved. Once the bloggers platform of choice, WordPress has become the website platform of choice. WordPress powers over half of the top million websites (March 2014).

With over 30,000 free plugins, you can do almost anything. I recommend about 50 plugins and I usually install about a dozen WordPress plugins by default. Read more about WordPress website security, protection, prevention.

There are thousands of Themes available for free and premium. I recommend these Themes & theme markets.

I’ve expanded my recommendations to the Premium WordPress market which has exploded over the last few years to provide some quality standalone products and worthwhile upgrades.

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Jan 102019

Looking for a simple easy to use lightbox plugin? The lightbox scripts (functionality) tend to be integrated into many plugins and themes these days. The stand alone plugins come and go. This plugin does the job out of the box but you can customize.

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Aug 012018

There has been a few widget control plugins for setting widget display options which have lost developer support. This plugin is supported and has many more options including integration for Siteorigin Page builder.

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Jun 292018
WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Software Updates, Backups, Security and Up-time Monitoring Weekly schedule maintenance plans include Software updates: WordPress, plugins & themes (^ conditions apply) Security Scan Monitor Firewall Protection Monitor Scheduled Backup Monitor Website Uptime Monitor These days, our digital world is changing fast. Software updates and changes are frequent and online security has become more important. I’m now updating WordPress website software weekly, instead of monthly, mostly for security reasons, though software fixes, compatibility and feature enhancements are good reasons to update more frequently as well. Maintenance plans * conditions apply 6 Months: $120 (setup required, 10% off premium / PRO upgrades) 12 Months: $240 (includes setup, 15% off premium / PRO upgrades) Bundle 6 or 12 mth Maintenance for 10% or 15% off premium /PRO upgrades! Wordfence Premium Upgrade: $179AUD /year (install, setup, enhanced protection, RRP $119USD) WP Fastest Cache premium: $69AUD / lifetime (install, setup, speed boost – RRP

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Apr 132018

A couple of things to be aware about: 1. NextGEN plugin uploads gallery images to it’s own directory, the images are not available from the WordPress image library. 2. The free version has a limited lightbox popup to show larger size of the thumb images. I found the premium upgrade for the responsive mobile friendly lightbox was a better option than rebuilding from scratch with an alternative gallery.

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Aug 302017
SiteOrigin Vantage Theme

Vantage is a response, multi-purpose theme carefully developed with seamless integration into an array of amazing third-party plugins. Vantage is one of SiteOrigins oldest and most refined themes, and with over 1 million downloads, it is by far SiteOrigins most popular. Vantage is built around SiteOrigin Page Builder, offering you maximum control over your page layouts with and intuitive drag-and-drop interface. I can provide installation, setup and premium upgrade for SiteOrigin Vantage Theme and Page Builder. Contact me.

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Aug 092016

I started using Reusable Text Blocks plugin when in August 2016 Global Content Blocks plugin was removed from the WordPress repository. More recently I switched to using Reusable Content & Text Blocks by Loomisoft for it’s compatibility with page builders.

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Jul 102016
WordPress website security, protection, prevention

WordPress Website Security Recommendations Software updates often improve security and compatibility issues, as well as fix bugs and adding features. It’s so easy to update from within WordPress. I provide a service to maintain WordPress websites and keep them up to date on a weekly basis. Remember to backup first (see below) and consider testing compatibility issues by reading forums. If your website has critical business operation, which you would not want interrupted by technical problems, then test all software updates and significant changes on a copy (staging) of your site. For convenience “Wordfence Security” has a handy notification option to let you know when there is a software update available.

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Jul 102016

Alternatively, All in One SEO Pack includes Google Analytics and Webmasters Tools integration. If you would like to serve the Google analytics script locally from your web server, instead of externally from the Google server, use Local Google Analytics for WordPress – caches external requests plugin.

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Jun 082016

All in one solution which gets great results for speeding up your website. This plugin has been growing in popularity and is easier to setup than other popular alternatives. I provide plugin install, setup and premium upgrade for $69AUD / lifetime (RRP $49USD) contact me. For further optimization combine with EWWW image optimizer, database cleanup using WP-Optimize plugin and backup with BackWPup plugin.

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May 232016
Elegant Themes - Divi theme and page builder

Disclosure: Some of the following links are my affiliate referral links to a third party service, if you click on the link and purchase the item, I might receive a commission. In many cases, I have a developer license and can upload the theme for you, otherwise you would need to purchase a license, and if you use my referral link, I could apply the commission to upload the theme for you. Please contact me to assist you. https://www.webdesignbyronbay.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/divi-builder4.mp4 Divi theme and page builder by Elegant Themes, has become my go to tool for building websites. It gives me the flexibility to do what I want and saves me time with page builder and modules. I highly recommend Divi theme and page builder.   Hurry don’t miss out on this year’s massive Divi Black Friday sale by Elegant Themes with “thousands of free prizes worth over $1 Million, free bonus

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