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Plugin version: 3.8.5
Last updated: June 28, 2022 (1 day ago)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 6.0
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Control your sidebar widgets more! Assign different contents on your sidebars, footer and any sidebar widgets.

With over 1,060,000+ downloads and an average rating of 4.9 stars, there are no doubts that Widget Options is the perfect solution for you to take better control of your widgets.

Widget Options adds elegant and feature-packed tabbed options below each widget to completely manage and control each widgets visibility and appearance.

Built with seamlessly integration with WordPress, Widget Options is the world’s most complete widget management plugin solution yet.

Show or hide widgets on specific WordPress pages

With Widget Options Plugin, you can easily assign pages visibility and restrict each widgets on different pages, posts, custom post types, categories, tags and custom taxonomies.

Show or hide widgets on mobile devices, desktop and/or tablet screen sizes

Display less widgets on your mobile devices for easier website navigation without affecting your desktop and tablet versions. Maximizing this feature you can show different sidebar widget contents for each devices for better user content targeting.

Custom WordPress widget alignments

Change your widget alignment to look better on your site. Comes with center, left, right and justified alignment options.

Custom Widget ID & Classes

Create predefined classes on the plugin’s setting page and use them later for each widgets. You can also add custom widget ID and additional classes for styling or javascript purposes.

Display Widget Logic

Use WordPress Conditional tags to manage and restrict your widgets using display widget logic option if you’re geeky enough to use PHP conditions and in need of custom restrictions.

Hide Widget Title

Easily hide widget title on front-end display while retaining them on the backend dashboard for labelling.

Enable / Disable Options

Use only the features you want and disable any other widget options easily using the brand new settings page.

Live Widget Search Filter

Increase administrator widget management by enabling live widget search box on your widget dashboard to locate any widgets easier rather than scrolling the page.

Easily Move WordPress Widgets without dragging

Increase productivity and widgets management by moving any widgets easily by clicking a link and selecting the sidebar widget area instead of drag and drop! Elegant option specially on smaller screen devices such as mobile.

Import & Export Widgets and Widget Area Backup

You can now import and export WordPress widgets easily and create any backup of specific sidebar widget areas. Move widgets to another websites at ease.

View your changes live!

This plugin is customizer ready for easier customization. View your changes live before saving it, not just better control but a time saver plugin!

Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin Compatible

Extend your SiteOrigin Pagebuilder powered website’s widget panels control and management using Widget Options! Restrict devices visibility, change alignments, hide widget panel title, add custom classes and control visibility using display widget logic option!
Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin + Widget Options = Total Freedom!

Elementor Pagebuilder Ready!

Extend Widget Options visibility restrictions to elementor widgets! You can now have same widget management feature available to your Elementor powered websites.

Beaver Builder Plugin Ready!

Now with Beaver Builder plugin integration! You can fully manage each modules on many ways you want it too! Integrated smoothly to upgrade your website building workflow.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) Support!

Easily show or hide any widgets using your ACF fields and conditions. You can restric widget with the following conditions:

  • Equal To
  • Not Equal To
  • Contains
  • Does Not Contain
  • Is Empty
  • Is Not Empty

ACF integration is also available on Elementor and Beaver Builder integration.

Upgrade to Extended Widget Options
For more widgets management and restriction options, upgrade to Extended Widget Options today!

Premium Features

  • Custom WordPress Widget Styling
  • Widget Animations on scroll and page load
  • Sticky / Fixed WordPress Widgets
  • Custom Widget Links
  • Widget Cache
  • Custom Widget Columns Display
  • Restrict Widget Visibility per User Roles
  • Widget Visibility per Days and Date Range
  • Extended Taxonomy and Terms Support
  • Display Sidebars and Widgets using Shortcodes
  • Disable any WordPress Widgets
  • Permission Options
  • Target URLs and Wildcard Restrictions
  • Option for child page to inherit parent widget visibilities

Check full Extended Widget Options features.


In need of WordPress Sliding Panel for your widgets? Check out Sliding Widget Options add-on and transform any of your widgets to modal pop-up, slide in and/or sliding widget panel; and increase your website’s user engagement!

If you like to contribute, report issue or have suggestions, you can find the development version on Github.

More information

Contact and Credits

Widget Options for WordPress is maintained and developed by Widget Options Team.


How do I begin working with this plugin?

After Widget Options plugin activation you’ll get welcome message with detailed video instructions to get started. Then go to Settings > Widget Options to enable/disable the features you want. Then go to Appearance > Widgets and start optimising your widgets!

How do I add set of predefined custom CSS classes for widgets?

Easy! Simply go to Settings > Widget Options and on Classes & ID module click Configure Settings then you can add your predefined CSS classes for your widgets.

What widgets are supported?

All of them! Yes, we haven’t come across any single non-working widgets yet.

How’s the speed and loading time compare to other plugins?

Widget Options is a featured pack fully lightweight plugin. Using Query Monitor plugin you’ll find that the plugin doesn’t load too much queries and doesn’t affect your website’s loading time. You can check more information how optimized Widget Options is here.


  1. Widgets Visibility Options

    Widgets Visibility Options

  2. Device Visibility Options

    Device Visibility Options

  3. Widgets Custom Alignment

    Widgets Custom Alignment

  4. Widget CSS ID & Classes

    Widget CSS ID & Classes

  5. Display Widget Logic

    Display Widget Logic

  6. Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin Widget Options

    Pagebuilder by SiteOrigin Plugin Widget Options

  7. Widget Importer & Exporter Feature

    Widget Importer & Exporter Feature

  8. Beaver Builder Integration

    Beaver Builder Integration

  9. Elementor Pagebuilder Integration

    Elementor Pagebuilder Integration

  10. Advanced Custom Fields ( ACF ) Support

    Advanced Custom Fields ( ACF ) Support

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • Compatible with Latest WordPress
  • Fixed Display Issue with PeepSo Widgets
  • Fixed Display Issue with WPML added languages


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+ Jason's Comments

There has been a few widget control plugins for setting widget display options which have lost developer support. This plugin is supported and has many more options including integration for Siteorigin Page builder.

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