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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I recommend starting with a one hour - $90 consultation, focusing on the home page and an overview of search engine optimization. For a comprehensive, page by page optimization, please refer to my hourly rates and website packages.

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Analyze and recommend:

  • domain name & websiste title
  • Page titles & meta description
  • Key words & target market
  • Call to Action links
  • Subscriber & Contact forms
  • Traffic, referrals and search terms
  • Setup Google Analytics (GA) account
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools
  • Install GA tracking script
  • Install XML site-map


Learning and Working on SEO

Web Search Engine optimization (SEO) requires reader friendly text, navigation & page layout, 'key term' relevance to incoming search terms, industry competition and locality, linked active 'key terms' to further relevant on site and off site online content, as well as quality external website references linking back to your website or webpage.

If you are serious about successful SEO then all the website content needs to be formulated with SEO in mind. It takes time to study each page and relevant competition, to target keywords and design for customer actions. Long term SEO takes many hours each month, to keep improving each landing page and target your keywords.

Having achieved loads of QUALITY traffic, does not mean you achieved the goal - is traffic converting to actions? Conversion is the goal of a website - each page needs to be designed to lead to the desired customer actions.

I can provide a basic SEO tutorial, teaching you how to work on SEO yourself. I show how to improve content and design, to target keywords and lead to actions. I setup Google tools for you to analyse your traffic, referrals and search engine results.

On site vs off site SEO

There is also the external side of SEO - generating incoming links, usually from social campaigns & other quality websites. Usually, I provide some basic support for my clients to run social campaigns and how they can find good quality incoming links.

WordPress: - combined with a SEO friendly theme and plug-ins makes the work of search engine optimization easy.

Example SEO results

Google results for June, 2014
for Hubway Web Design Byron Bay

  • 1st - "web design wordpress byron bay"
  • 2nd - "wordpress byron bay"
  • 1st - "web design byron bay"

Search Engine Optimization
What are your customers search words?

Check domain name availability

Search the web for your keywords


Website Page Speed - Loading Optimization

I recommend a one hour - $90 service, focusing on the home page and an overall website performance optimization:

For a comprehensive, page by page optimization, please refer to my hourly rates and website packages.

  • Optimization report
  • Analyse server load time
  • Optimize database tables
  • Optimize image sizes
  • Minify scripts & sheets
  • Compress scripts & sheets
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Report actions & outcomes