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WordPress powers half of all websites using CMS

Over half of all websites using Content Management System have chosen the WordPress platform to manage content & publish on the web.

WordPress powers nearly one third of ALL websites

According to one source: 51.5% of the websites use none of the content management systems they monitor. While WordPress is used by 29.0% of all the websites they monitor, a content management system market share of 59.9%.

WordPress is open source software

WordPress is built by hundreds of community volunteers, and there are over tens of thousands of free plugins and free themes available to transform your site into almost any style of website you like.

WordPress installation service

I provide domain name, web hosting and WordPress installation services, which are included in website packages. You can have a look at the default plugins I like to use when I setup a WordPress website including WordPress security recommendations.

Open Source code

WordPress is ...

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WordPress has evolved and keeps evolving...

Once the bloggers platform of choice, WordPress has become the website platform of choice. WordPress is a full content management system and grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of web sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day. WordPress is a powerful personal publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible. We are proud to offer you a freely distributed, standards-compliant, fast, light and free personal publishing platform.

WordPress 3.8

WordPress Mobile Apps

Let you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your Smart Phone and are available for iOS and Android.

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But, can you lock down everything so my clients doesn't mess up the layout? If you let normal people change everything, you end up with Geocities in 5 minutes...

NEW RULE: People need to use Gutenberg for minimum of 1 hour before they declare the sky is falling :). The UX/UI is not that bad, will get better and certainly big upgrade for WP technically. Install 'Classic Editor' if you aren't ready but don't be afraid of Gutenberg!

Its okay for new users. I use Pro Theme anyway 🙂

I love Gutenberg. Thanks WordPress!

I think I’ll wait a few versions before updating. I mean a security release after less than a week, not ideal.

I am not able to embed a YouTube video into one of the video blocks. I have tried everything...checked YouTube advanced settings and the embed video box is also checked...still the video fails to embed....whats's the solution?

Rip Classic editor...

For the past two years WordPress constantly informed about the new upcoming editor. You may or may not like the new editor - but it is absolutely awful when people have completely overslept the past two years and now are yelling!

You’re sleeping on the job #WordPress becos v5.0.2 is out already!

I think it's a shame the gallery block doesn't have all the layout options the classic editor has. You can only use columns, no slider, mosaic etc. Add that and you will unleash lots more customisation...

Neither 5.0 or Gutenberg allows to show widgets in pages or post. What we see in Appearance > Widgets should be available in Page or Post.

Liking the new interface and finding it way easier to work with. Just waiting for the Downloadable Products and other plugins to catch up though!

Can anyone help? I can't change the admin email address, it says it will send an email so that I can verify the email address but it doesn't send an email...

vo thi jalim yaro jiska name tha garibi kaheti thi vo yaro uska divane hai kon si jab najre uta ke dekhi charo taraf thi lachari bebas or bhukhhmarri vo kon thi amiri jisne janm diya amir khushro ki duhai ye kon sa vo manjar tha yaro jisne thoda gungunai

Hi! If I need to contact your support team - how do I get in touch? I'd need an email address since I cannot access my old WordPress account. Thanks! / Hanna

I was wondering why images and pdf:s (various media) don't stick to the place on the page where I want them to show up. I keep clicking on at the bottom of the page and want them to appear there but they end upp being in the top of the page. What the heck is this? Totally crazy.

Inspired by various page builders

Really enjoying the new interface, way easier to add columns to pages.

Financiacion de vehiculo sin carnet microcar flex basculante o por Guasa 691849431 Yecla

I miss seeing my word count. Is there a toggle available to turn that back on in the new editor?

I want my latest version of WordPress 😪😪😪

Well, I do hope that this actually reaches someone who can find a solution and willing to communicate, unlike #WordPress support ... I have a website - had it for probably a decade - changed password, lost it, which is normally not a big deal, however now it is. There is no way for getting back into the system. Tried everything possible: resetting, asking for a link - but NOTHING works. The link I got from support (over 24 hours ago, they're not responding to my emails) is obviously broken. When I click on it I get the same error message over and over again: "Sorry, but the provided signature isn't valid." Can't get to community either, because for that I should be logged in. Thanks for the catch 22 and no help. Anybody actually dealing with this issue? I saw others posting on this - can see posts, but can't comment/ ask questions - seems like a pretty big bug. Is #wWordPress dealing with this?

The dashboard UI haven't updated for more than 4 years and it's really outdated. Still support PHP 5.2, you pulling back the PHP community so much.

Fala pessoal novo curso: criando/configurando chat integrado ao Whats App mult contas/grupos no WordPress

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The State of the Word is available: State of the Word is the annual keynote address at WordCamp US, presented by the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg. In this year’s address, Matt re... ... See MoreSee Less

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