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WordPress Gallery Plugin

NextGEN Gallery has been the industry’s standard WordPress gallery plugin since 2007 and continues to receive over 1.5 million new downloads per year. It’s easy to use for simple photo galleries, but powerful enough for the most demanding photographers, visual artists, and imaging professionals who need a comprehensive gallery solution.

NextGEN Gallery offers complete WordPress gallery management with the ability to batch upload photos, import metadata, easily add, delete, rearrange photos and create an unlimited number of galleries.

But our gallery plugin doesn’t stop there!

NextGEN Pro
This plugin is the lite version of the NextGEN Gallery plugin, which offers all the gallery features you’ll need like albums, lightboxes, backups, search, sharing, print fulfillment, eCommerce, and tons more. Click here to purchase the best photo gallery plugin for WordPress now!

The free version of NextGEN gallery provides three main gallery styles (slideshow, thumbnail, and imagebrowser galleries) and two album styles (compact and extended), all of which come with a wide array of options for controlling size, style, timing, transitions, controls, lightbox effects, and more. Learn more about NextGEN WordPress Gallery Plugin features.

The best gets better with full support for the Gutenberg block editor. Now you can add a photo gallery or album anywhere on your site, with a page builder type feel directly in the WordPress editor.

Feature List

We’ve built NextGEN Gallery to be extremely powerful and full of features.

  • Albums Organize multiple galleries into albums for easy sorting and viewing
  • Tags Group multiple images together with tags, with easy-to-update renaming and management
  • eCommerce Sell images from your gallery, or sell entire galleries with our built in payment processing
  • Slideshows Make your galleries automatically rotate through a series of images
  • Themes Access 84+ different types of themes to showcase your galleries
  • Animations Create visual interest with 25+ different types of animations for each gallery
  • Watermarks Protect your work with image and text-based watermarks
  • Capabilities Customize who can read, edit, and publish galleries with refined permsisions controls
  • Image Proofing Let your customers choose which photos to purchase and improve your workflow.
  • Print Fulfillment Sell your photos and ship prints directly to customers with automated print lab fulfillment and zero commissions
  • Auto Tax calculations Automatically calculate sales tax when required for your customers.
  • Coupons Offer discounts and incentives to increase your gallery sales
  • Lightroom Integration Automatically sync and create photo galleries from Adobe Lightroom into NextGEN Gallery
  • Social Sharing Create viral social media opportunities when your images are optimized for Open Graph and X
  • Image Commenting * Add deep engagement to your images within the lightbox
  • Deep Linking Link directly to a specific image from one of your galleries
  • Frontend Search * Add powerful filtering for your gallery based on tags
  • Hover Captions * Add social sharing, tiles, and descriptions for each image
  • Digital Downloads Offer digital downloads of your images for free, or chage for them with our eCommerce gallery plugin
  • Customization * We’ve built in lots of individual customizations for each of our features so that you can make NextGEN Gallery perfect for you

As you can see, we’ve built a gallery plugin that is suitable for everyone! Want a specific or missing feature? Just let us know.

*Basic Thumbnail Gallery
*Basic Slideshow Gallery
*Basic Imagebrowser Gallery
*Basic Compact Album
*Basic List Album

*Photo Print Sales
*Photo Proofing
*Digital Downloads
*Pro Mosaic Gallery
*Pro Masonry Gallery
*Pro Tile Gallery
*Pro Filmstrip Gallery
*Pro Lightbox

About Imagely

NextGEN Gallery is a WordPress gallery plugin maintained by Imagely. We’re the WordPress photography experts. In addition to NextGEN Gallery, NextGEN Plus, and NextGEN Pro, we also make WordPress themes for photographers, providing turnkey websites for photographers.

Learn more or connect with us:
*Imagely Website
*WordPress Themes for Photographers
*Turnkey Photography Sites
*NextGEN Gallery Documentation


Copyright: Imagely 2016-2024


NextGEN Gallery offers an easy-to-use Insert Gallery Window, which means you never need to work with shortcodes again when inserting and manageing galleries – if you would prefer not too.

If you do want to work with shortcodes, there is a powerful shortcode system as you’d expect of a popular WordPress gallery plugin. Learn About NextGEN Gallery Shortcodes.

For more information, feel free to visit the official website for the NextGEN Gallery WordPress Gallery Plugin.


Why are my photo galleries not opening up in a lightbox after I move my site?

This is often due to the URL paths to the CSS and JavaScript files used by the Lightbox Effects not being changed to relevant addresses based on the new site. This article will help sort out this issue if that is the case: Why are my galleries not opening up in a lightbox?.

Do you have documentation or tutorials?

Yes. See NextGEN Gallery Documentation.

Will this gallery plugin work with my theme?

Yup, NextGEN is a popular and well-established WordPress gallery plugin, and has been for a long time. It will work well with most other themes and plugins in the WordPress ecosystem.

Are the photo galleries flash based?

Nope, we use no flash elements.

Are the galleries mobile friendly?

Yes, we’ve put a lot of work into this and, NextGEN Galleries are compatible with phones and tablets, inluding Android and iOS operating systems. All photo galleries are also responsive, so galleries look good on diverse screen sizes. NextGEN Pro also includes a fullscreen, responsive Pro Lightbox with mobile gesture support. It’s great for viewing photos on mobile devices.

What is the difference between a gallery and an album?

In simple terms, Albums are collections of galleries. So Galleries contain your photos and Albums contain your Galleries. Albums act as links and placeholders to quickly and easily navigate your galleries. Galleries will actually display your images.

Can I upload multiple images at once?

Yes, you can batch upload entire photo galleries at one time.

Can I password protect galleries?

Yes, WordPress allows you to password protect pages by default – which includes all photo galleries and content for the entire page. Password protection pages can be turned on and off at any time, with just a few clicks.

Can I add a watermark to the my photos?

Yes, you can add text or image watermarks to your gallery images.

Can I crop photo thumbnails?

Yes, each thumbnail image can be individually adjusted to suit your needs.

Is there pagination for photo galleries?

Yes, you can use pagination when displaying thumbnail galleries. You can adjust the amount of photos to be shown on a page at any time.

Can I customize the lightbox?

Yes, the lightbox can be configured with multiple options directly from the Dashboard, and there are multiple CSS styles, which can be applied and modified as well. If you want even more options, consider upgrading to NextGEN Pro and using the NextGEN Pro lightbox.

Can I add HTML to photo captions?

Yes, caption areas are fully HMTL capable.

Can I add an external links to galleries?

Since the captions are fully HTML capable, you can add external links and any other type of markup you wish.

Is NextGEN Gallery available in foreign languages?

Yes, our WordPress gallery plugin has been translated into dozens of languages – click here to find out more.

More Information

For more information, feel free to visit the official website for the NextGEN Gallery WordPress Gallery Plugin.


  1. Thumbnail Gallery

    Thumbnail Gallery

  2. Slideshow Gallery

    Slideshow Gallery

  3. Imagebrowser Gallery

    Imagebrowser Gallery

  4. Manage Gallery Page

    Manage Gallery Page

  5. Insert Gallery Window

    Insert Gallery Window

  6. Gallery Settings Page

    Gallery Settings Page

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+ Jason's Comments

A couple of things to be aware about:
1. NextGEN plugin uploads gallery images to it’s own directory, the images are not available from the WordPress image library.
2. The free version has a limited lightbox popup to show larger size of the thumb images. I found the premium upgrade for the responsive mobile friendly lightbox was a better option than rebuilding from scratch with an alternative gallery.