WordPress Website Security

WordPress website security, protection and prevention includes preventing brute force login attempts, comment spam and form spam, keeping regular backups and having a secure maintenance mode. Additional security includes scanning and fixing code vulnerabilities and a firewall to prevent malicious code actions.

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Jun 292018
WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Software Updates, Backups, Security and Up-time Monitoring Weekly schedule maintenance plans include Software updates: WordPress, plugins & themes (^ conditions apply) Security Scan Monitor Firewall Protection Monitor Scheduled Backup Monitor Website Uptime Monitor These days, our digital world is changing fast. Software updates and changes are frequent and online security has become more important. I’m now updating WordPress website software weekly, instead of monthly, mostly for security reasons, though software fixes, compatibility and feature enhancements are good reasons to update more frequently as well. Maintenance plans * conditions apply 6 Months: $120 (setup required, 10% off premium / PRO upgrades) 12 Months: $240 (includes setup, 15% off premium / PRO upgrades) Bundle 6 or 12 mth Maintenance for 10% or 15% off premium /PRO upgrades! Wordfence Premium Upgrade: $179AUD /year (install, setup, enhanced protection, RRP $119USD) WP Fastest Cache premium: $69AUD / lifetime (install, setup, speed boost – RRP

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Jul 102016
WordPress website security, protection, prevention

WordPress Website Security Recommendations Software updates often improve security and compatibility issues, as well as fix bugs and adding features. It’s so easy to update from within WordPress. I provide a service to maintain WordPress websites and keep them up to date on a weekly basis. Remember to backup first (see below) and consider testing compatibility issues by reading forums. If your website has critical business operation, which you would not want interrupted by technical problems, then test all software updates and significant changes on a copy (staging) of your site. For convenience “Wordfence Security” has a handy notification option to let you know when there is a software update available.

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Mar 202016

Sucuri Security has many features, which I’m still exploring. This plugin can scan for malware. The free version will only scan the front end of your website, if you want it to scan the back end of your site, you will need to pay for an account. I’ve recently used it to harden (make more secure) WordPress folders, check for vulnerabilities and re-download all plugins which originate from the WordPress plugin library.   Read up on other WordPress security related plugins and strategies.

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Mar 162016

WordPress Plugin Name: Plugin Author: WordPress profile: Contributors: Version: Last updated: () Compatibility (latest version): (of votes) Tested up to (WP version): WP Download count: Rating: (out of 5) Description | Screenshots | Other notes | Latest Change | Tags | + Jason’s comments Description Checks plugins for deprecated WordPress functions, known security vulnerabilities and some unsafe PHP functions. See the WordPress plugin library description of Plugin Inspector Screenshots: Other notes: Latest Change log entry: Tags: + Jason’s Comments Always good to make sure your WordPress website is healthy – a quick check up today could prevent headaches tomorrow. Read up on other WordPress security related plugins and strategies.

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Aug 132014
SSL domain security certificate

An SSL certificate for your domain will guarantee the authenticity of your site for your website visitors and will secure the communication between the server and the customer browser. Secure your site with a personal SSL certificate issued to your domain name. If you accept sensitive data from your site visitors, using SSL (HTTPS) is the right way to protect your customers/visitors data.

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Jul 142014

For scanning of themes, I recommend for extra security, Theme Authenticity Checker plugin, which can find suspicious or malicious code and embedded outgoings links. TAC plugin found code which Wordfence security didn’t. Use WordPress Health Check for an overview of update and security issues. Read up on other WordPress security related plugins and strategies.

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Aug 202012

This plugin “Spam Free WordPress” adds a required password click before permitting a user to make comment. Use this as a more user friendly alternative to answering a quiz or decoding a captcha image. For login security I recommended combining “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam” to add a captcha image for added security on the login page together with “Wordfence Security” to limit login attempts. For custom form security I recommend “Contact Form 7” with a Quiz field and a Captcha image using “Really Simple CAPTCHA“.

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Jul 242012

Do backups and more for your WordPress Blog.

– Database Backup
– WordPress XML Export
– Optimize Database
– Check\Repair Database
– File Backup
– Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2 format
– Store backup to Folder
– Store backup to FTP Server
– Store backup to Amazon S3
– Store backup to Google Storage
– Store backup to Microsoft Azure (Blob)
– Store backup to RackSpaceCloud
– Store backup to Dropbox
– Store backup to SugarSync
– Send Log/Backup by Email
– Multisite Support only as Network Admin

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May 282012
Wordfence Security

Wordfence Security is my preferred solution. It has an easy and automated scanner that check for malicious code and can compare the WordPress, Theme and Plugins files with the original WordPress library, allow you to view the differences and revert to original version of file or delete it. Wordfence has a firewall preventing malicious scripts from operating, a built in traffic log which allows you to block bad IP addresses, a method to automatically limit fake crawlers and limit and block login attempts by hackers.

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