Apr 062016
WordPress Plugin Name: Search & Replace
Plugin URL:https://wordpress.org/plugins/search-and-replace/

Plugin Author: WP MEDIA SAS
WordPress profile: WP MEDIA SAS
Plugin version: 3.2.1
Last updated: August 16, 2023 (1 month ago)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 6.0.5
Downloaded: 0
Rating: 5 (out of 5)


With Search & Replace you can search for everything and replace this with everything but before you do this you can easily create a simple database backup and restore it.

For avoiding problem please keep in mind that this plugin search and replace strictly what is specified in “Replace With”.
Common error example:
Search For: http://web.com/wordpress/
Replace With: http://neuweb.com/wordpress
The url become something like: http://neuweb.com/wordpresscontent/…

Correct “Replace with”:
Search For: http://web.com/wordpress/
Replace With: http://neuweb.com/wordpress/
The url become something like: http://neuweb.com/wordpress/content/…

We have implemented special features!

The first one is “Replace a Domain / URL” that is useful for a quick and simple transfer or a migration of a WordPress site.
The second feature is full support for serialized data. There are a lot more features – check them out! 🙂

Our goal with this plugin is to give you a good solution for manipulating your data for both Developers and Users of WordPress.

Note: This plugin requires PHP 5.6 or higher to be activated.

Checkout our GitHub Repository


  • Search & replace data in your WordPress database
  • Change domain/URL of WordPress installation
  • Handle serialized data
  • Choose dry run or download SQL file
  • Change table prefix
  • Backup & restore your database
  • WordPress Multisite support
  • Localized and ready for your own language

Crafted by WP Media

Made by WP Media.


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  1. Search and Replace

    Search and Replace

  2. Replace Domain/URL

    Replace Domain/URL

  3. Restore Database

    Restore Database

  4. Backup Database

    Backup Database

  5. Result screen after search or search and replace

    Result screen after search or search and replace

Other notes:

Latest Change log entry:

  • Update readme for tested up WP versions
  • Add check for replace function to get more solid replace for custom tables. #132
  • Fix small typos
  • Fix Throwable because we set as minimum php 5.6


backup, import, replace, search, sql

+ Jason's Comments

Managing content across your website includes having consistency for certain terms. This plugin will find and replace terms for you – but be careful and backup before hand. I also recommend using reusable content blocks. Technically, many people use this plugin when moving a website from one domain to another domain, then need to update the domain URL for images and links in posts, across the site.