Nov 022012
WordPress Plugin Name: Flamingo
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Plugin Author: Takayuki Miyoshi
WordPress profile: Takayuki Miyoshi
Plugin version: 2.3
Last updated: June 23, 2022 (7 months ago)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 6.0.3
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Rating: 5 (out of 5)


Flamingo is a message storage plugin originally created for Contact Form 7, which doesn’t store submitted messages.

After activation of the plugin, you’ll find Flamingo on the WordPress admin screen menu. All messages through contact forms are listed there and are searchable. With Flamingo, you are no longer need to worry about losing important messages due to mail server issues or misconfiguration in mail setup.

For more detailed information, please refer to the Contact Form 7 documentation page.

Privacy Notices

This plugin stores submission data collected through contact forms, which may include the submitters’ personal information, in the database on the server that hosts the website.



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Latest Change log entry:

  • Sets status to previous when restoring data.


bird, contact, crm, mail

+ Jason's Comments

This plugin is by the author of Contact Form 7 and Really Simple CAPTCHA, which I recommend. Besides collecting users in to a more friendly exportable address book, this plugin can replace Contact Form 7 to Database Extension, to save CF7 submits to database.