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WordPress Plugin Name: Donate Extra
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Plugin Author: Justine Smithies
WordPress profile: Justine Smithies
Plugin version: 2.02
Last updated: November 16, 2012 (9 years ago)
Tested up to (WP version): WP 3.4.2
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Donate Extra is plugin that will allow you to receive donations on your WordPress enabled site via Paypal.

Features include:

  • Sidebar Widgets for the total , wall & the form.
  • Recurring Donations.
  • Option for users to donate anonymously.
  • Display a wall of donators on a page or with a Widget.
  • Fully integrated with Paypal’s IPN.
  • Manage your donations from the Donate Extra Admin section.


The hide function works on my shortcode form but not on my widget

Make sure you set the default location in the settings to SideBar .

My Net amount & total are all wrong

Make sure you fill in the sections Paypal percentage & Paypal cash with your countries values.

Why don’t the donations appear on my Recognition Wall

You may need to add the Instant Payment Notification URL to your PayPal Profile IPN Settings. This URL can be found on the Donate Extra Settings Panel at the bottom. Login in to PayPal and go to your Profile Summary, the click on the Instant Payment Notification link under Selling Preferences and Turn on IPN and set the Notification URL from your Donate Extra Settings Panel. You can also view your IPN History from this page to see if there are other issues.

What are shortcodes?

A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut. To use a shortcode, simple enter it on the page or post in your WordPress blog as described below and it will be replaced on the live page with the additional functionality.

What shortcodes does Donate Extra use?

This shortcode will display the Donate Extra donation form


This shortcode will display the Donor Recognition Wall. Optional attribute: title is wrapped within a <h2> tag. Usage is [donorwall title='Donor Recognition Wall']


This shortcode will display the total donations received. Optional attributes: prefix is the currency symbol (ie. $), suffix is the currency code (ie. USD), type is the english description (ie. U.S. Dollar). Usage is [donatetotal prefix='true', suffix='true', type='false']

What kind of PayPal account will I need?

You will need a Premier or Business account. Personal accounts are primarily for sending payments and may not include the PayPal IPN features this plugin requires.

How do I adjust the text colors or other styles?

Here are 2 simple rules you can add to the bottom of your style.css file to adjust the font color of the heading and main text:

`* Donate Extra Quick Styling */

donate-extra-form . widgettitle, #donate-extra-total . widgettitle, ##donate-extra-wall . widgettitle{

color: #000000;

donate-extra-form p, #donate-extra-total p, ##donate-extra-wall p{

color: #333333;

If you need further styling you can use any of the following rules to adjust specific items:
`/* Donate Extra Form Widget Styling */

donate-extra-form .widgettitle{

color: #000000; 

donate-extra-form p{

color: #333333;

donate-extra-form label{


donate-extra-form small{

/* Donate Extra Total Widget Styling

donate-extra-total .widgettitle{


donate-extra-total p{

/* Donate Extra Wall Widget Styling */

donate-extra-wall .widgettitle{


donate-extra-wall p{


donate-extra-wall .date{


donate-extra-wall .name{


donate-extra-wall .amount{


donate-extra-wall .comment{



  1. Paypal Gross & Net Display

    Paypal Gross & Net Display

  2. Manage Donations

    Manage Donations

  3. Example of Donation Form

    Example of Donation Form

  4. Example of Recognition Wall

    Example of Recognition Wall

  5. Settings Panel

    Settings Panel

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+ Jason's Comments

I recommend the Donate Extra plugin as a simple solution to receiving donations via PayPal on your website. Donate Extra is a forked plugin to replace Donate Plus which had an PayPal IPN issue and was not updated since 2011. Donate Extra plugin was published at the WP Library on 19th October, 2012 and has resolved the IPN and also other issues since.

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