Mar 252012

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Byron Shire Council shared a photo.
Byron Shire Council

16 hours ago

Fantastic opportunity for our creative community!Ready, set GO!

Applications for Regional Arts Fund are now open.


Follow link to find out more:
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Fantastic opportunity for our creative community!

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use this money and creative fixing the potholes around the shire ...

17 hours ago

Where are we planning to spend $$$ this financial year?

Read our Community Budget update to find out more.

You can download the e-version here-

Or if you'd like a hard copy mailed to you - send us a message with your postal address.
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Where are we planning to spend $$$ this financial year? Read our Community Budget update to find out more. You can download the e-version here- Or if youd like a hard copy mailed to you - send us a message with your postal address.

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You can read more about the budget and operational plan in full at the link below. If you flick through you'll be able to read it line by line 🙂

We've also developed a map that shows our planned works for the year - click below to find out about the projects on the schedule....

What Swami & Peter said. Its great that you are sharing this, but how do we make sure this money will be allocated as intended?

So how do we get a breakdown of where the $42 mill is to be spent And where the money came from. Are we again spending the majority of money in Byron Bay and not the Shire?

It will be good to know: a) timelines for all these projects b) regular updates on progress/milestones c) what happens when these projects aren’t accomplished d) loss in $ value if these don’t go ahead or if there are any delays e) what happens to the allocated funds if these don’t go ahead? Do the funds rollover to next FY?

Can we please get a simple fenced grass dog park /exercise area in ocean shores/Brunswick heads!! 🙏🙏🙏

take the 9.4 plus 8.9 million and put it toward the potholes... Natures looks after itself for a year.... the potholes and roads don't - infrastructures like that needs people to look after them... anything to do with nature and environment can look after itself for a year... if you would do that your budget for roads would be way more than 50 million dollars!!!!!

Lol well right now there is about 10-15 workers at the disco dong to straighten birds and remove the koala 🐨


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1 day ago

To everyone who uses Colings Bridge at Eureka…

Yes we know the surface of the bridge is damaged. We have notified the contractors who carried out the work and they are returning tomorrow to repair the problem.

This means the bridge will be closed until the end of the week (maybe Saturday as well).

The bridge will also be closed for a short time next week to allow the contractors to repair the pavement and lay new asphalt.

Apologies for the late notice and the inconvenience. For more info call us on 6626 7000.
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Can they just concrete and be done with it?

Jasmine Christian

1 day ago

Council will be undertaking a safety inspection of the lighthouse sculpture on the roundabout at the intersection of Ewingsdale Road and Bayshore Drive tomorrow.

The work is planned to occur between 10 am to 2 pm.

During this time, traffic will be reduced to a single lane.

We regret any inconvenience caused for motorists during this time.

The inspection is necessary following an incident of people climbing the sculpture. Council will check its structural integrity as well as remove an item that had been hung on it.

Vanessa Adams, Director Corporate and Community Services, is reminding people to note the signs around the sculpture warning people not to climb it.

“To climb on any piece of public infrastructure that is not designed for it is irresponsible and dangerous,” she said.
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The funniest council effort I have ever seen was the day it had been pouring with rain and the sides of Ewingsdale road were flooded with water,..council had signs up saying " mowing ahead" with 10 guys out walking around...not a mower in sight

I the middle of school holidays, well done 👍🏻

What stupid timing, considering that 50,000 people are rolling into town for Splendour! That will be wonderful for those of us locals having to bump-in to our Splendour stalls today! It's just a stuffed toy FFS, hardly anything that we need to get our knickers in a knot about. Why not just leave it there, it's a symbol of everything that is wrong about this place and in fact everywhere right now! It was put there by the Extinction Rebellion activists, trying to get our council to actually live up to their declaration of a climate emergency.... while they bulldoze a significant wetland area of our town for a bandaid bypass and wipe out five endangered species and one truly significant one, the Mitchells Rainforest Snail that only lives THERE, and in just one other tiny colony on an island in the Tweed. Yes, we should leave the toy there, and a bloody banner telling why it is there!

I love Ballina Shire.

A nice tree would have been better.

Poor thinking on part of council. Holding up traffic to take down a toy koala. The toy koala looks great... it just needs a few more of them!!

Byron Council you have your head in the sand again, who plans these things can't u read a calendar, school holidays plus splendor, oh wait u don't really care about the tourism industry here anyway, 🤨

Can you please assess the impact of the sculpture as a visual hazard on inexperienced and unfamiliar drivers?

They just keep thinking of new things to annoy us 😡

Let’s do this in the middle of the school holidays! How often does the Structural integrity need to happen? Just get rid of it

Good timing guys

Definitely not safe needs to be removed

I like the koala toy that was hung on it. Gave it character. Leave it there. Best thing to happen to that awful eyesore

More waste of tax payers money! If council had installed something that was relevant to the community I highly doubt you would have people climbing hanging koalas from it.......

Who's running Byron council They are making really bad decisions They just don't get it Clothes lines of wire as an entrance

Direct action SOS red alert council workers from Byron are setting up a blockade At the ding ding Please come and support them and the koala

It’s not about the sculpture. It’s about the bypass.

CYFBI.....! So, it will FINALLY be removed, at great cost, cos now it’s unsafe 😂 WAFWOM....meanwhile, the pothole tally increases 😣😡🤬

Here we go again 🤦‍♀️

Who makes these idiotic decisions? School holidays and splendor?

Then you should have planted a tree. Something people can climb.

Plant a tree instead. I think people really don’t like it. I don’t really like it either.

Ah... very Hitchcockish. The birds are coming to get us.

Maybe they were trying to sur-mount it... y'know. To make a point 😜

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4 days ago

Yesterday was the first Farmers Market at its temporary new home – Cavanbah Centre Byron Bay.

We know there were traffic impacts along Ewingsdale Rd, some of which were the natural result of a sunny day and busy school holidays, but some of which were no doubt exacerbated by the additional traffic coming in and out of The Cav.

Contingency traffic control measures were put in place once traffic began banking, and will be put in place next week to improve flow and movement. It should be noted that this may take a couple of weeks of tweaking to get it right.

A reminder that there is a free shuttle bus running between the market and town, and a cycleway that goes straight from town to The Cav. We are encouraging people wherever possible to ditch their cars and choose an alternative mode of transport to get to the market.
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Thank goodness I moved from this messed up, once adorable town.

Was really sad for me living behind buster st seeing bus out to markets our town is changing big time .

I don’t normally drive into Byron in the mornings however I made a very big frustrating mistake by choosing to do so Thursday morning, coming in from the hway. I could only imagine if ‘west byron estate’ ever went ahead. 😳

I love it.

I love the blurb on the flyer. 5 minutes from Butler St to Cav...not mentioning the backwards journey. The bus is good but will be stuck too..sigh...🙁

A shuttle bus is a great start but not if the bus is stuck in the same traffic jam. What is needed is a dedicated bus lane that zips into town in 5 minutes. It could be also good for emergency vehicles

It took 30 minutes bumper to bumper from the freeway to Bunnings yesterday.....would have liked to go for a walk in Byron but decided to turn around and go back to Mullum

Oh lord save us from Byron Council tweaking

What about travel from West to East not using Market? Traffic was banked up as far as Kennedy’s lane.

How 'temporary' exactly is this? And where exactly are people supposed to "ditch their cars"?

How insane to put the market stalls on most of the CAR PARK!! Traffic stalled as there was nowhere to park!!

prefer mullum, !

It would be great if the train had a stop near the cav (not sure how close the line gets)

Traffic banks up most mornings to Tyagarah CK what did you think was going to happen

It seems like we’ve been tweaking for thirty years

Hmm alternative mode of transport...flying pig ?


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