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Zero Emissions Byron


Everyone here who has committed themselves for many years to providing a technical way forward- providing the science, the data the road maps to get us into a honourable and sustainable future knows all to well that the head alone simply isn’t enough.

  • the head of scientific fact
  • needs a heart of community and business engagement
  • and it needs the collective will from community, business and government leadership.

In Australia, Byron Shire has undertaken to try and unite the head of need with the heart of want with the will of action.

Byron Shire has acknowledged this and has committed itself to pursuing the goal to become Australia’s first zero net community-within 10 years.

Using the roadmaps developed by Zero Carbon Australia, Byron shall undertake, alongside partner Beyond Zero Emissions to develop a local roadmap to transform its footprints in the areas of Energy, Waste, Transport, Land Use and Buildings.

This will be in conjunction with the work already occurring within the shire and region.

Using the BZE template, we will build on and collaborate with expert and nationally significant actions of local organisations that include : Sustain Northern Rivers (SNR), COREM (Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby), ENOVA(soon to be Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer).

And finally, Byron Shire Council has initiated and gained support for an Australian first- developing a Virtual Net Metering trial.

This can all occur, because, in byron, we have a community heart that doesn’t just accept the science of climate change, but insists in being part of the solution to it. The heart of the Byron community sees the value of action. The heart of the Byron community cares about intergenerational justice, and plantary justice.

We see ourselves as empowered, creative, skilled and progressive and, though we have pressing local issues at hand dealing with tourism, dealing with infrastructure, trying to keep the integrity of the community intact this community knows that what we’re hear for is what we leave for those coming after us.

And that we have a role to play to create solutions to our global challenges.

It is a mindset and collective pulse that propels us. And the aspiration to become Australia’s first zero net community is one we relish.


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Big turnout at the Paul Hawken/Damon Gameau Drawdown event Friday 16 Feb at the Top Pub, Byron. Organised by Small Giants (with help from friends and allies at ZEB, COREM, RenewFest and Enova, etc). Stimulated heaps of interest in what's happening locally to deal with climate change, and significantly, what's happening worldwide. ... See MoreSee Less

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Enova Community Energy It's YOUR Energy Company


Was so good 😊

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Zero Emissions Byron

Turbulent hydro - small scale. Interesting concept for rural areas. Not much detail provided. Any thoughts team?

Tech Insider UK
These whirlpool turbines can provide 24/7 power for dozens of homes.
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Zero Emissions Byron

If you live in Lismore, then it'd be well worth your while to check out this upcoming Enova event: 22 Feb

Enova Community Energy Mini Expo - LismoreFebruary 22, 2018, 5:30pmLismore City HallTired of paying large electricity bills?

Come to our FREE mini solar and batery expo to learn how to save $$ and go renewable.

Bring your bill and learn how to save on your electricity - Local energy experts on hand plus local solar equipment suppliers.

Established in 2016, and based in the Northern Rivers, Enova Energy made Australian history as the country’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer. As a community-owned company, our business model brings exciting possibilities to Australia’s energy sector and we hope that our model can be copied across other communities.

Enova Community is our not-for-profit arm. Its purpose is to assist in education and social projects.

We hope to educate everyone on how to reduce energy usage, which will not only save money, but save on carbon emissions. We also aim to create an awareness of the value of renewable energy and the importance of the value of more renewable energy resources.

Good for the Local Economy

In the Northern Rivers, approximately $300 million a year is spent on electricity. By buying your energy through a local company, we can work together to return as much as $80 million a year to the region ( incl. profits and operating costs).

Affordable energy plans and generous solar rates

Our Energy Plans have options for everyone, from affordable green options, generous rewards for the solar energy you generate, as well as pay on time discounts for the budget conscious. Whatever plan you choose, you will be helping to make a difference to the energy sector, and the future of our planet.

Call our local team on 02 5622 1700

(Mon - Fri 08.30am - 05.30pm)
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Enova Community Energy Mini Expo - Lismore

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