Nov 122015

Zero Emissions Byron


Everyone here who has committed themselves for many years to providing a technical way forward- providing the science, the data the road maps to get us into a honourable and sustainable future knows all to well that the head alone simply isn’t enough.

  • the head of scientific fact
  • needs a heart of community and business engagement
  • and it needs the collective will from community, business and government leadership.

In Australia, Byron Shire has undertaken to try and unite the head of need with the heart of want with the will of action.

Byron Shire has acknowledged this and has committed itself to pursuing the goal to become Australia’s first zero net community-within 10 years.

Using the roadmaps developed by Zero Carbon Australia, Byron shall undertake, alongside partner Beyond Zero Emissions to develop a local roadmap to transform its footprints in the areas of Energy, Waste, Transport, Land Use and Buildings.

This will be in conjunction with the work already occurring within the shire and region.

Using the BZE template, we will build on and collaborate with expert and nationally significant actions of local organisations that include : Sustain Northern Rivers (SNR), COREM (Community Owned Renewable Energy Mullumbimby), ENOVA(soon to be Australia’s first community-owned renewable energy retailer).

And finally, Byron Shire Council has initiated and gained support for an Australian first- developing a Virtual Net Metering trial.

This can all occur, because, in byron, we have a community heart that doesn’t just accept the science of climate change, but insists in being part of the solution to it. The heart of the Byron community sees the value of action. The heart of the Byron community cares about intergenerational justice, and plantary justice.

We see ourselves as empowered, creative, skilled and progressive and, though we have pressing local issues at hand dealing with tourism, dealing with infrastructure, trying to keep the integrity of the community intact this community knows that what we’re hear for is what we leave for those coming after us.

And that we have a role to play to create solutions to our global challenges.

It is a mindset and collective pulse that propels us. And the aspiration to become Australia’s first zero net community is one we relish.


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I know this is a case of "tell me something I don't know", but the message is getting more and more forcefully presented as time drags on.

Market Forces
The International Energy Agency has issued a warning the world needs to hear 👇🏼
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Just in case you hadnt yet heard about this great it is, once more with feeling!
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Zero Emissions Byron

The Solar tuk tuk is coming through Byron on 6 December. Watch this space for details...When we first started telling people about the SolarTuk Expedition, many people responded with "why?".

Good question! A lot of it has to do with the fact that the transport sector, a large and growing source of emissions, has pretty much flown under the radar in Australia, with the media and politicians paying much more attention to greenhouse gas emissions from our electricity grid.

But as the third largest (and growing) source of emissions in Australia, we can't afford to ignore it any longer. Transitioning to an electric transport system powered by renewable energy sources is a critical part of Australia reducing its greenhouse gas emissions.

So that's where the SolarTuk comes in. Using this unlikely green vehicle, we want to share how transport can be more sustainable and inspire communities across the country to take action for a low carbon future powered by renewable energy. If our tuk tuk can do it, so can you!

(Infographic from
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The Solar tuk tuk is coming through Byron on 6 December. Watch this space for details...Image attachment
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Final draw for $1000 worth of products from Santos Organics happening this weekend at Mullum Music Fest. Don't miss out! Enter via or get your form at Santos.NEWS FLASH! Last days to enter the Repower Switch and Win!! COREM at Mullum Music Fest PLUS More... - ... See MoreSee Less

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