Dec 092015

As a creative and an old-school graphic designer, I came to Jason with a crazy BIG vision for my website, and no idea about how to actually ‘build’ it. I decided early in the process that I wanted to build it myself – and so he taught me how to work with WordPress. He knows how to get in underneath one’s creative vision as well as ‘inside’ the themes – to customize it and just make it POP!

He has been my mentor, guide and tech support guru since I got the idea for this beautiful and evolving site. Patient, full of insight and know how. He is still my go-to guy when I have a glitch – large or small. He answers my random calls for help and makes things right when I stuff it up. He get’s the job done every single time, and I am so happy to have him on my team. I can’t recommend him enough.

Thanks Jason! I love your work.

Kylian – Rest Revolutionary
Nervous System Repair Strategist | Bio-Mechanist with Soul

Kylian - Rest Revolutionary