Apr 122017

It is always an absolute pleasure to work with Jason.
He is efficient, highly capable, organised and honest! He actually wants you to be educated on how to operate your site when it is up and running!! That is a gift in the world of websites.

Jason just created a fantastic website for our Holiday Accommodation business. All in all he did it all in less than a week! We were more than pleased with the result and can’t thank him enough!

I had the luck and good fortune to be given Jason’s contact a few years ago to help with another business of mine, a e-commerce site. He was incredible – if there was an area that he thought someone else had more expertise in, he would pass me their details straight away. Not many people in this field do that.

I have worked with many website developers and technicians over the years and I would have to say Jason is at the top of the list.

Peace of Byron, Samaya Winterton – Byron Bay

Peace of Byron, Samaya Winterton - Byron Bay