Jul 102018
Sunrise South Golden Beach - photo Jenny Lasky - dog Yoshi

Hi, I’m Jason Lasky and I have been living in Ocean Shores NSW since 2010. My work is part of my lifestyle. I feel very fortunate and grateful for my family, friends, social and business community. I love working with people and organisations, to help them realise their aspirations.

Who do I generally design websites for?

Since 2008, I've designed and supported WordPress websites for all sorts of aspirations.

  • Teachers & Facilitators
  • Professionals & Consultants
  • Musicians, Workshops & Events
  • Small Businesses, Clinics & Shops
  • Life Drawing, Painters & Photographers
  • Community Associations, Projects & Organizations.
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Waterlily Playscape

waterlily playscape

Waterlily Playscape Community - acting chair 2018.

Ocean Shores Community Association

ocean shores community association

Ocean Shores Community Association – Vice President 2013

What I do - Web Design Process