Mar 262014

Heart Dance treeSunday Morning Heart Dances

When: Sunday morning from 10:30am-12:30pm
Where: Ocean Shores Primary School, Shara Blvd, Ocean Shores.

Every Body Welcome ♥

Phone: (+61) 0408148654

Heartdance a movement meditation practice where we dance on the edge of “therapy” and devotion.
The 2 hour collective dance journeys are an opportunity to follow the body into the unknown. Breath, beat, heart & feet…

…When we show up on the dance floor willing to journey into unknown territory, an invitation arises to access the tender language of our hearts. We can be moved from the inside out… or out-side in.. or upside down..
Wherever our dance takes us, the opportunity exists to be grounded with it in present moment.
It may surprise you, entice you, overwhelm, madden or excite you. Whatever your soul-expression on the dance floor, I invite you to surrender to its power & be moved by its delicacy.

Tuning into the universal pulse, dancing with intention yet no expectation can be a risky practice requiring courage & surrender.. ..It can also be a humbling pilgrimage of transformation.
Something opens our wings…we are exposed & vulnerable. We are moved by Mystery & Grace.. towards Gratitude & Devotion.

All welcome here.
Safe Sacred Space