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vegan mum & daughter looking to exchange work for a roof or minivan space. Can cook, clean & garden. contact Renee on 0417297449 ... See MoreSee Less

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Lost-one surf hat, beige-Tavarua brand, between Pass and Sunrise late Wed night. New Japansese student very keen to have back thx ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking for a cleaner today 3-4 hours, private or companies welcome, any recommendations welcome or pm me please- thank you 😊 we live a few mins out of mullum, prefer own supplies but not essential 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking for Beauty Therapist to help me for few hrs work on March 14th.
Above award wages.
Please PM
Thank you 🙏🏻
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Caitlin Jane shared Олег Павлович's post to the group: Byron Bay Community Board.
Caitlin Jane

A solution for Byron’s potholes!


P.S. ПЕРВОИСТОЧНИК → Mensajeros urbanos ← и правообладатель:
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and as the plant grows the roots will crack and lift more road

Hey Caitlin. What a great idea. You should start a community group and recruit volunteers to start doing this. You can buy traffic control signs at Bunnings so you could have someone on stop and go and someone on flower patrol. Let 2018 be the year of flowerpotholes 🙏🏽😉

I am looking for a property/paddock that has some long grass (that will still be long by next weekend) similar to the photo below! If anyone has any suggestions please comment them. Anywhere in the area. ... See MoreSee Less

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I am looking for a property/paddock that has some long grass (that will still be long by next weekend) similar to the photo below! If anyone has any suggestions please comment them. Anywhere in the area.

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A lot will probably be pretty green

REWARD OFFERED for the return of my phone.
Black/Grey case. Please call/text 0419975891

It was picked up at 3am Wed 21/2/18 between the Byron Bay bakery & Taxi rank. It has my ID & bank card with it & is locked.

It is currently in Lismore with someone who probably lives on the cnr of Dalley & Dibbs St

No questions asked. I just want it back 🙂
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REWARD OFFERED for the return of my phone.
Black/Grey case. Please call/text 0419975891
It was picked up at 3am Wed 21/2/18 between the Byron Bay bakery & Taxi rank. It has my ID & bank card with it & is locked. 
It is currently in Lismore with someone who probably lives on the cnr of Dalley & Dibbs St
No questions asked. I just want it back :)


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Shared , I hope you get it back 🌺

technology hey ... you can run but ill find you.. knock om a few doors

Maybe a shop

Mem Meringue shared Murwillumbah Mindfulness Meditation & Life Coaching - Mem’s Soul Food's post to the group: Byron Bay Community Board.
Mem Meringue

Starts TODAY! 🌈Murwillumbah Mindfulness Meditation & Life Coaching 8wk program starting this Thursday at Tweed Regional Gallery.

This first week we will be focusing on ourselves. Where are we in ourselves, How are we, What's happening in our minds and bodies, What do we need.... & Grounding.

A time to stop and learn how to breathe again, to forget about what's going on around us and tune in to ourselves.

Join us on this journey. One step at a time.
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Starts TODAY! 🌈

Last night I went out for dinner in Byron with my girlfriend and my partner for my Bday.

Walking from dinner down Jonson St we passed a couple of blokes at the park near the Rails.

One of them stood up in my partners face and accused him of spitting at them.
He politely replied saying “mate no one spat at you, we are just on our way to have a drink”

The man and his mate started following the 3 of us swearing and carrying on.

One of them then hit my partner on the head from behind.

Myself & my girlfriend started yelling st him to stop.

He then turned to me, held my face by my jaw and punched me straight in my face/ mouth.

They then went back to my partner and pushed him onto the road with one hitting and one kicking.

There were witness who saw the entire event.

The police were there within minutes.
They were very professional.
They were very kind.
We were glad they turned up.

All 3 of us are locals,
Have lived here a long time.
Have children growing up in the Shire.
We own businesses

This has never happened before.
I have never been hit before.
This was unprovoked
Let’s stop this senseless violence
This could be our children.
This needs to stop
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That’s absolutely terrible!!! I hope you are both ok x

Are you all ok ?

How terrifying and how sad. So sorry this happened to you. I hope the police were able to arrest the guys and it doesn't happen to some other family. Horrible.


Oh my goodness hope you're ok!

God that's shocking!! I hope you are both ok! Drugs are becoming terrible here. Time as a community to make a stand somehow I think

Woah that’s so awful 😞

No camera around when needed. Love to see their faces. Disgusting. What kind of people? Alcos? Ice Heads? Eshay gangsters? Parkies???

Agreed. Police do a great job in Byron with all the rubbish they deal with. Hope all those that constantly bag the police read this.. 🙌🏼

Thank you for posting this. I am so sorry this happened to you and I hope you all are OK. This is what the Police in our Shire have to put up with all through their shifts every day and its wrong that people knock them so much. Its so sad that we can't walk through our streets and go to the beach in safety. A major clean up needs to occur. Too many people with serious mental health issues are living near the park at the Rails and around our beaches.

Oh my! I’m so sorry, I hope you’re all ok! 😔

Unfortunately this is not a new thing to happen in byron. its sad really nothing better to do! Hope you and your friends are okay

Inga, my husband and I have been holidaying in Byron for at least 20 years and were only there a fortnight ago... We both we so sad and angry to see what is happening there... over the years there have been many changes to this gorgeous town but this time we saw drug deals happening in front of us, unprovoked violence similar to your situation and we felt very unsafe - something I thought would never happen... Sadly we both commented that we may not come back which saddens me...... I hope you, your friend and partner are ok....

Oh my god Inga! I’m so sorry this happened! I was out last night with my kids and friend and I would not have anticipated something so awful occurring. They were definitely drug effected. Sending you guys lots of love .

Our police are key to everyone’s safety .. end violence against police in Byron

OMG Inga Schollbach I am so sorry to hear this and hope you are OK!

Oh no, that’s horrible and really scary!!! I hope you and your partner are okay!!! Thanks to the quick presence of the police .... it’s doesn’t even sound like it was that late at night, just horrendous!!

I’m so sorry this happened to you and your friends.

Oh no Inga! I hope you’re both ok! 😢❤️ so sad, that’s why we never go out in Byron for dinner anymore despite growing up here 😢

Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry for you! This needs to end!! 😨😥

Inga i am shocked at what happend i hope you are all ok now i am from the narrabri district outon the north west plains and are a member of the notice board i vist bryon lots of time and the park i walk though as i love the live bands at the rails i will be much more carefull now i know this

Awful to hear. Saddens me greatly. We need this to stop. Thanks to the brave police who have to deal with these incidents each and every day 💐

That is so appalling to hear. I hope you are all ok. Thank goodness the police were so close by to help you.

I arrived in Byron 2 months ago and honestly I see this kind of things way too often, really didn't expected that on Byron...

Ice ?

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Who thinks the
Elements Solar Electric Solar train
has eased traffic on Eweingsdale Rd?
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Cos no one wants to pay the fair eachday return. Plus parking. Not much of it.. It was a brain fart is all

If they continued the train to Coolangatta airport it would make a difference.

Weekend traffic gridlock roundabout to roundabout so sadly I think not

No such thing as "the Elements Solar Electric Solar train".

Shame as it would be great for business around sunrise if it was more accessible for people without a car. It also needs to stop at belingil. I’d be taking my son to school on it each morning if the price wasn’t so high and you could get an annual pass. Would be great if it was up and running properly as transport for different parts of town. Cars off the road, less drink drivers!

I drive to Byron from Ballina just to use the train. It value adds my visits.

It’s just a thing to get people to Elements. That’s all. Let’s make more money. Locals should be free.

Solar assisted*

The rail road should be taken out and replaced by a car bypass. That would be a harmless solution to take traffic out of town centre.

Sounds like a bit more of the community needs to collaborate together on this

I don't think it has eased traffic at all. We don't need a train to go into Byron from Sunrise. We need a train to go to mullum, Brunswick, ocean shores and Coolangatta. We need a public transport for teenagers to use also at night and her home safe.

Geez Jenny are you bored in Aireys?

Obviously this train doesn’t mean all the cars would just disappear off Ewingsdale Rd. There will always be tourists coming into Byron Bay. What the train has done is provided a new mode of transport, which is very handy in times of bad traffic congestion. Heaps of people including myself used it in peak holiday period - When traffic in this town is at it’s worst.

I know some byron shire locals who are parking on bayshore drive and taking the train so they don't have to pay for parking and deal with the traffic.

Byron Bay is a town based on tourism. Whether you like it or not it's a fact and it will continue this way. If tourism based activites and structures can be innovative, environmentally friendly then all the better. That's what we should be pushing for. I personally think the train is a great idea. It adds character to the town. In the face of ever expanding development lets try and keep it creative and interesting. I might not think that if I lived next to it but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. Harsh but realistic.

That was never the intent for this train. It’s a tourist train, but even if it takes 300 or more cars off the streets of Byron each day then that’s something. Not saying I even know how many people actually catch the train on a daily basis, but inevitably it equates to vehicles off the roads!

Nicqui, you argued tooth and nail for the train against many who lived or have businesses backing the line. To say the effect on the local amenity for the sake of 300 cars is worth while is a shock to be honest. Flannery has never been willing to negotiate an inch on operating hours or frequency that is greater than a suburban line. We've left our much loved family home of 15 years in Sunrise due to the inconvenience of toy trains, illegal helicopters, 7ft fence blocking long used locals walking tracks. It's apparent that very few people are using the train despite the so called "official numbers". If it went to Mullum or even the sport centre it world have a purpose, but it never will according to the owners. I hope you use it every time you go to into town so that it's somehow justified. Adrain

I have the train going past my back door 16 times a day. Some times I count only 7- 10 people on the train numerous times through the day. I dont belief it is doing anything to the change of traffic and there is only a few cars parked at the station. Most of the people who said they were going to use it a lot, seem to be still driving in and out of Byron.

What Road??Spelling isGood.

Good question!

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