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I'm just finalizing a short film & am in need of a 20-35 y.o actress to voice the protagonists interior monologue.
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3 minutes ago

<3 Byron Bay <3
Name one thing you love about Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers...
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1 day ago


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Nature 🌿🌲🌊 🙂


Awesome Live Bands. At most pubs/clubs.

The Buskers...if only people would support them a bit more, especially the locals X 😉

Lighthouse walk.

Best divine beaches <3

I used to love Byron. Not much of the original left now. More like the Gold Coast everyday.

the pot holes they keep me alert while driving

Natalie Hamilton

My parents place...

Beach and ocean


Seeing Mt Warning from the beach



life style

Free pushbikes






It's a long way away!

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<3 Byron Bay <3
What can you and I do today to make Byron Bay/Northern Rivers a better place?
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13 hours ago


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Reduce the price of drugs

Do what people have always done here : share Love & Positive Vibes

stop using plastic <3 be kind to strangers <3

Have a chat to Robert Harman! 😠

Went to work and paid taxes so Centrelink will have money on Thursday.

Plant seeds.

The council should let Busker Dave have his busking permit back so I can come home.... I'm stuck in Canberra 🙁

Buy a bat and become the real life punisher

not contribute to the exploitation of foreign workers at the disadvantage of locals who end up disadvantaged, drug-addicted and homeless and then think people are scum who can't seem to get a job.

Tear out boulders and signs preventing the people in our lovely community from enjoying the beaches and lookouts. Currently illegal to visit one of our lookouts. Currently illegal to drive to some beaches to see the sunrise. Currently illegal to park 500m from downtown (i.e. $4 parking fine for popping in for a $4 coffee). We need to stand up to council and say NO MORE overreach. Byron has gone to shit, rather has been taken to the shit by BSC. What's next, they'll try to close our awesome markets, oops, they already tried that and failed.

Not let any ex-shitney peps into the council ..... They have been turning the bay into mini shitney for years..... Everyone should just stop paying rates.... Council is soooo evil

Public shuttle bus services between all the areas Mullum, Byron ,Brunswick Bangalow. There's such little public transport.

Get rid of the over police enforcement. Chasing locals out of the area one by one

Make world peace and make unicorns a real thing. That seems to be what people expect from this one guy trying to make a difference.

Toll Gates are only erected by the greedy.

Idk, eat a grass sandwich and watch flat earth videos?

You already did, by asking that question. As you can see, people always demand more, or see it as a platform to voice their issues and their excuses for being miserable. You did what you could, that is enough <3

Pick up rubbish when I see it and smile and say hello to passers by. If it's you and I doing it, I guess we could hold hands?

Take your dog to a Cafe and enjoy the dirty stares

Delete the Byron Bay community board page. What a bunch of sad sacks on that page

Tim Clark

True freedom returned, less rules, regulation and enforcement.

More employment and less greedy people.

Collectively do something to help homelessness (Note: this does not involve dreaming that property prices will fall... they wont)

all the above ...and stop bitching about what's wrong

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Anybody living in Suffolk Park close to the bakery, that are having issues with the recent renovations at the bakery? And the noise we are having to deal with.... ... See MoreSee Less

3 hours ago


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Are they renovating during wierd hours ?

Here we go 🤣


I'm thinking if the bakery is open we could all meet up for a late night coffee/meditation?!

In a residential area it's usually no power tools after 7pm. But it could be commercial zoned so they might be allowed to continue as they wish. Unlucky.

I miss the baking , can’t wait till they open again it’s like waiting for a present you can see wrapped but aren’t allowed to open ...

Or come to my house and listen to a jack hammer pulling up a floor at 6.30 am for a week

Dealing with Jack hammers drills etc at 6am until 8-9pm isn't fun.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the bakery do next!

Maybe complain to the real estate you are renting off legitimately

Quicker it's done yeah....

I’m only asking because if a few community members came with me and talked to the owner about noise regulations it may be a fixable situation

And the fact that the owner didn’t even inform the community and close by neighbors about the renovation is just rude!!

Waa waa waa

5.55am is too early to start a power saw... which was the time the first one started last Wednesday. They were going solidly from 6am onwards. No fun with a hangover.

Thats ok, we can survive it couple of days. All the best for the local business owner.

Speak with your real estate about noise complaints. If nothing is done push to ombudsman. But above all please remember this builder you already said was stressed and under strict time frame. Its 99% not his fault but the owners fault for pushing for quick reno and being a competitive feild the builder may be taking a smaller profit margin just to get work over another company. If you want an outcome that suits you, give options for changes when you complain. Want them to start 2hrs later - offer they work later at the end 2hrs etc.

Sook. Bet you enjoy there products too

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I just called the council and they said "who are you? stop calling here about f#$ing dogs in cafes."* 😂😂😂 *not the real opinion of Byron council. ... See MoreSee Less

12 hours ago


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Knew that whining trouble maker was full of BS 😂

Tim Clark

What's all the comments on posts about dogs in cafe? Did I miss something that's been deleted?

I'll nutter point for you. Nutter see dog in cafe Nutter loses shit on facebook and people tell her to calm down and tell her she's wrong. Nutter posts saying she called the council for proof. I come along and take the piss because people going ballistic over over silly things and want everyone to instantly change for them is the type of people I love to wind up. And we are 1 pissed of nutter 1 laughing me people taking pictures of their dogs in cafes

Most dogs are better than humans... just sayin 🤔🤔🤔😐😐😐😐😟😟😟😟

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Jennaya Mcg uploaded a file in the group: Byron Bay Community Board.
Jennaya Mcg

If it resonates contact :
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1 hour ago

An amazing guy just made my day. Over the weekend my phone broke, I couldn't access my money and my account went overdrawn and I've had an exhausting few days.

I was standing admiring the veganaise that I never buy cos being vegan and as waste free as possible can be pricey and tiring so this guy buys my veganaise for me!! Thank you sir... I WILL PAY IT FORWARD
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4 hours ago


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That was really nice of him! Btw veganaise is super easy and cheap to make at home if you ever find yourself in the situation of not being able to afford it again 😊

I make every thing from scratch so that sounds good! Still it's nice not to have to for once.


So, I have a dilema.
I have a lovely landlord who has been a local in Byron shire for many years (20+?) and who is leasing her home to me in South Golden Beach. Late last year her place (in Byron) was sold and she is now looking for a room to rent or a housesit in Byron.
If she doesn't find somewhere, she will need to give me notice to move out of this house that I LOVE ... which we've agreed, she doesn't really want to live in and I Really do.

SO, do you have a room for rent in a friendly household, or need some housesitting by a trustworthy woman while you go away?

I can vouch for her wonderfulness. She works as a piano teacher and setting up music tours in Cuba, a surfer and is generally a healthy living, Kind person. I'd love her to find her ideal home, and Id love to stay in my ideal home here in South Golden.

All leads and assistance is very appreciated!!
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2 days ago


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My studio in Sunrise beach will be available for rent from the end of March till October. It's $350 p/w

I'll check tomorrow

I will have a unfinished room to rent in Suffolk Park available in a few weeks. It would be sharing with another female, a cat & dog.

Amanda Patterson, if the timing, location and price work for her, she can come and see it. She can contact me on messanger. I regularly advertise my studio for rent after each course I run, I will have photos and ad on from around the 2nd of March for the end of March rental. Does she do private piano lessons at home?

Pm me!

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