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Splendour in the Grass 2016


Splendour In the Grass is an annual music, arts and culture event.


Where: North Byron Parklands
When: Fri 22, Sat 23 & Sun 24 July, 2016.


The Parklands site offers 660 acres of rolling green hills, beautiful lush bushland and waterlily covered dams, North Byron Parklands is just 20 minutes north of Byron Bay.

For official Splendour info visit the website at:

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Friday night outfit inspo via Client Liaison!

📷: Savannah van der Niet
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2 weeks ago

Friday night outfit inspo via Client Liaison! 
📷: Savannah van der Niet


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This is awkward...

Corey Deverell Isaac Bowen Connor Coulter zoot suit

Jack Biddle he's wearing the earrings you got me


Splendour in the Grass added an event.
Splendour in the Grass


The 18th annual Splendour in the Grass Music and Arts Festival is locked and loaded for Friday 20 to Sunday 22 July at North Byron Parklands.

Splendour in the Grass - 2018July 20, 2018, 11:00amSplendour in the Grass💕 SAVE THE DATE 💕

The 18th annual Splendour in the Grass Music and Arts Festival is locked and loaded for Friday 20 to Sunday 22 July at North Byron Parklands.
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Splendour in the Grass - 2018

4 weeks ago


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Issy Freeman Mandy RoseEmilie Stevens

Thomas Anderson

Joshua Nash Chris Lendon Robert Shinn 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Finn O'Grady

Jack Pollitt we're going

Robert Pappalardo

Joanne I'm excited

Sam Robinson

Rebecca Simpson

Nellie Parks

Dylan BABES LETS GO ITS ON MY BIRTHDAY... 😱😱😱😱😱💕💕💕💕 Someone can watch the kids 🤪💕

Harrison Diehmm Sam Williamson Ryan Jordan Fuery

Rae Gardner we wish!

Whitney Brown Matt Murphy

Tiana Slater Gabby Zgrajewski

Samantha Jane

Kayla Robertson Tayley Robertson

Becca Niit this is ur engagement weekend isn’t it?

Leah Mallison

Nate Muscat Shan Nixon Amanda Jury Luke Large Kaylee Van Der Sanden

Mish Louis Anderson is ready to go.

Scott Kuerschner

Raelene Hayes

Rebecca McDowell

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Who can submit their leave form the quickest? The 18th annual Splendour in the Grass Music and Arts Festival is locked in for Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 July at North Byron Parklands.

Be the first to know #SITG2018 news by signing up to our newsletter here: splendourinthegrass.com/
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4 weeks ago


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DONE! Self employed so is a yearly occurrence. Look out my 16th of 18th SITG. Can’t stop. #peterpan #nerverwanttogrowup #love Damn my missing #1 and that wedding 😢

Tessa Zoë Jess Ashleigh with a quick stop over to say hi to Peter?

Jack Marshall Dusty Ward Jock Wait leave form? fuck that I just won’t show up to my 1 shift I’ll most likely get that week.

Josh Alex Ruby Benjara Khyara Henry so like we gonna have a cool camping site this year right

Jana Beck my birthday weekend ! Friday is my birthday this year 😀

Soraya Ben Sarita Toby Katya Kang. Meri Lia idk what the Conversation was about this but we should go 🙌🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

Zac “Mr President” Woodgate. I’m going to have to get you to move finals back to August where they should be. Kthanksbye

Sara, I think you’ve already submitted yours. Paul, Simon, Libby, Joseph, Renee, Teesh.

Elli, wish we could go for round 2

SamKyle bender for my birthday? You’s keen?

Doddy & Richard , reckon you guys should be going to this.......great line up splendourinthegrass.com/lineup/

Abbey Hall get back from Greece on the 22nd means we go to splendour on the 22nd 😏

Zara Meier I want to cry of course this has to be on holidays for the first time ever TWO FUCKING DAYS BEFORE MY VA MAJOR WORK IS DUE

Hot per tutti would love to come. Please someone alert me when it’s time to apply for market stall. Thanks. 💋

Dakota guessed the right dates thank god

Kaz McKellar we still need to do this too #MckellarFamilyBucketList

Renée when you’ve got the leave but you’re on the other side of the planet for two of the 3 days

Annie Jack Lily Caitlin let’s get interested aight

Olivia 🤩👯‍♀️✨ winter festival babies?

Shannon Roberts and Caera Regan you girls better video call me during some of splendour. I am so devastated I'm missing It 😭

Darren today is full of good things 😂👌🏻

Hahaha... Adam... pretty sure yours was in minutes after announcement! 😉

i just read the line up and almost cried until i realised I was reading the 2017 lineup Ben Woestyne

As usual splendour being rude and not considering my school holidays Dylan James Camilleri Kate Leandra

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Just like our mates, DUNE RATS we need your voice to keep our forever home at North Byron Parklands! We’re calling on you to please support Parklands in its final application to become a permanent home for Splendour in the Grass and Falls Festival Byron by filling out this form: helpparklands.com/ ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago


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Yeah great, get a bunch of people that don't live in the area to vote for something that they only benefit from and receive none of the negative impacts. If you wanted to approach this in an appropriate manner this campaign should be focused on the key stakeholders, such as the locals.

Up to 50,000 people are descending on the last major wildlife corridor connecting the World Heritage Wollumbin hinterland forests with the coastal lowland forests. This is one of NSW most biologically diverse localities. There are more than 50 threatened species in the locality of the trial festival site, but you wont see any as the festivals scare the S^^T out of them. During festivals locals reported windows rattling - how do animals deal with that level of disturbance? The wildlife will flee their homes and nests into other animals habitat creating a flow-on effect that greatly disturbs many species. We know that festival patrons are not happy to hear about their (unintentional) effects on the wildlife and we know that they would be happy to attend the festivals no matter where they were held - there's no need to hold them in this special place. Learn more at CONOS Inc on FaceBook.

Done !! Can’t wait for splendour in the grass 2018 😄


No to Parklands. Not against festivals, just not at Yelgun

Blake McKay Hayden Kennaway Addy Young Sam Sommerville Tim Calwell Josh Bailey

Francesca Symmons Bella Devencorn Claudia Mrozik Sophie Easton Lauren Keane Marina Popov

Kate Kelleher Connor Harms-Dudley Ruby Ross Alkhamisi Jazzie Stubbs Sumara Rogers Layne Reed

Submitted 🙂 I hope Splendour can stay as it brings so much opportunity to the area for employment and the local economy, and I have long been attending Splendour for the amazing music and culture. However I hope this year Splendour will do more to mitigate the impact of the festival on the locals. Last year my mum had to call the Splendour response team about festival-goers who littered her front yard when they were passing by to get to the bus stop. It took over two hours for someone from Splendour to arrive to "assess" the situation, which turned out to be pointless as that person was highly dismissive and acted so unconcerned and uninterested in helping. In these types of instances I don't blame locals for complaining. No one would like someone to walk into their home and start trashing it and the same goes for the Byron Shire residents. I have seen people defecating in streets and vandalising property, so I think maybe more people need to be employed to respond to this when it happens come Splendour and Falls 2018. Good luck with your application 🤞🏼

Done 🙌

Natalie Howes Megan Smith Zoe Brittingham Brianna Minnett Liam Wilson pls fill this out bc I love the parklands site

If the Byron locals dont want the cash injection of a huge festival like this then send it back to Woodford! (Byron is a better site) But they are alot more accepting up Woodford. There will always been some old biddy that will whinge. But the over all would love it!

Sign this and leave your Kmart tent there

Done! Might be worthwhile addressing the safety concerns raised during the consultation process as a pre-written option as have certainly never felt that it was an unsafe environment or that there was any risk.


Wow splendour jumping on the propaganda bandwagon... I grew up in Byron and with this festival - To see you guys try to push your agenda like this is a sad day for the integrity of the company.

Nathan Simmons Clayton Thornberry Leah Simmons Danielle Fay Steven Harvey Caylea Mulhall Rachael Schultz

Adem Gutlic Caleb Warton Isaac Farrelly

It really all depends whether they choose to do the update on the Parklands. Because if they do, it will be a no go.

Bonnie Richardson

Sabrina Lana Minuzzo

Krystelle Budd

Done !

Madi Richards must sign

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We had so much fun watching The Avalanches play their first show in 15 years at #SITG2016! Who was there? 🙋‍♂️ 🙋

Tickets are available now via our friends at Secret Sounds for their headline show at The Tivoli Brisbane Mar 7!
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2 months ago

We had so much fun watching The Avalanches play their first show in 15 years at #SITG2016!  Who was there? 🙋‍♂️ 🙋  
Tickets are available now via our friends at Secret Sounds for their headline show at The Tivoli Brisbane Mar 7!


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Third row from the front baby! The A's are firm favourite for decades now! At 47 I can still keep up lol.

I’m not a hater but the set was a train wreck as per their Coachella reviews. I’ve never seen lyrics read off a mobile phone before

I wish there was a yawn emoji.

They failed to play Frontier Psychiatrist. Huge disappointment

What happened to the SITG pre-party at the Northern this year? The event was sadly missed.

Almost as lacklustre as the Strokes that same year.

They were OK - wish they played more than 22 seconds of 'since I left you'

Pre-party & wish I could relive it over & over... magic gold.

Was there for BOTH shows; Pre Party and Amphitheatre.

Was horrible

It was sub par

I remember well.

How good was it Sean Milligan

We wereeeeeeee Rebecca Clark

Anna Jones mems

Sarah Grundy Bianca Kennedy-Stewart

Mitchell Jones keen?

Marcus Smith Caitlin Beaumont

Michael Eke

Ruby Kempin

Thomas Svenson

Tomzy Ey Charles

Jessie Mcgorlick

Ros Lyell

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Woah! Our little sister festival Sydney City Limits just added Future, Young Thug, LDRU, Mallrat and Stella Donnelly to their already stunning lineup! #SCL2018 ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago


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Tayleh-Rose Soames this is what I was talking about

Rigo Jerin Vance joy and future !!! 😲😲

Omg does any of you want to go to this if it's not sold out!? I haven't done a festival in years but this looks so worth it! Kristy McCombie Messica Dey Lisa Anderson ?

Depending on exams we should go

Sean Walker save up kiddo we're going to this too

Matthew Adam Pedrigal it's on my birthday!! Y'all gotta come!

Caitlyn Donnelly imagine if I bought tix to see future and he cancels... again

Liam Keanu Billy shit might have to hit up Chris’s room after all

Tina Austin ?? I'd go for winston

Good additions but they can still suck it. Nathan Stiles Jordan Cousins

Shakkas Mchesaboi wait a minute.. young thug coming to aus?

Danny Bell was gonna say let’s go but I’ll be in merica

Anna, you've really excelled

Hejha soooooooo what's hattenin'

Lydia Peard-Roberts future & young thug cmon we needa go to this

Babe let’s buy tickets!!! It’ll be funnnn

Bec Potts LDRU... Ffs why do I always miss out 😂😂

Tom Gray future and young thug!!

Kane. I hear you’re coming out of festival retirement for your birthday present that you have no say in.

Aharthie future and young thug we all know ur going now

Zoe Tansey damn it’s getting more and more tempting

Trevor Stewart belated Valentine’s Day Present please 🙋‍♀️🙏

Esme Barcala dude stella donnelly is playing, i'm coming up with yall

Joey Ward future and young thug

Sean Cubitt ahhh can we go i wanna see phoenix

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triple j's Hottest 100 has a new home! ab.co/2A7ZjyF ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

triple js Hottest 100 has a new home!  http://ab.co/2A7ZjyF


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Considering Triple J's larger demographic is <30 youth, this is such an ironically stupid move since a majority of that age group work weekends. What does a fucking music countdown even have to do with our ancestors shitty mistreatment of our native people anyway? All you've achieved here is pissed off listeners (and don't refer to the survey results - those questions were loaded as hell) and lower listener numbers. Shot yourself in the foot good. Good ol barbecue with the mates and family on Aus day listening to the full 8 hours sinking piss and enjoying what was one of our favourite public holidays will now just be most people catching the top 20 and reading the results the following day. Sooo which radio station is going to fill the shoes now to cater to a tune-thirsty beer-filled Aussie audience?

Weak as piss doo gooders today’s society!!! How the fuck does this personally affect anyone?!?!? So I suppose JJJ is playing NO music at all on Australia Day???? If no then why not??? Cry me a fuckin river!!!! Eat a dick JJJ

I remember when PC stood for personal computer

If Australia was invaded on the 26th I'd probably agree with most of you who are happy about this..... I've spent years in remote aboriginal communities and have been adopted by a family in Gawa on Elcho Island and they don't mourn on the 26th because it's not the day they wer invaded.

What happens in 2019 when the last saturday in the month is australia day? Well thought out plan triple j 😂

I'm all for change. But for the right reasons. What has the hottest 100 got to do with whole Australia Day / Invasion Day debate ?? Bet they Don't tell how many votes they get this year

Michael Kinsella Patrick Kinsella they actually changed the date I assume AB original win number 1-10 then

I remember when it used to be aired on the 1st of January.. Recovery session from New Years listening to triple j hottest 100.. Was this date considered?

This makes me so happy ❤️ Thank you Triple J, for taking a step in a direction that supports the intergenerational pain and suffering of our Traditional Owners. I am not Indigenous myself, but one of my life long missions is being a voice for our minority groups in society, so hearing about this gave me goosebumps. This is because it is one of those rare occasions that social influencers use their power for good 🙏🏼

Oh well, now my family and friends might have my full attention on Aussie Day lol! Who cares!! Everyone has a right to enjoy the world's biggest music democracy and if it is held on a day of mourning for a large group of people, I support the change, because in my eyes, if your a genuine fan of the J's then that is what unites us! Love of music. And we all deserve to enjoy our day of music . .. don't get caught up in small things, just be happy it's still On!!

Meh... remember when triple J was about up and coming music and not about harassing listeners with their far left agender.

Amazing job triple J! This is a big step of respect and recognition to the original owners of Australia. Indigenous communities mourn on the 26th of their lost cultures, heritage and destruction of their land and connection with the land, the 26th is not meant to be a celebration day. May we all respect and love each other as equal humans and enjoy good music on a day that is not disrespectful ❤

Ashden Larkham australia day then hottest 100 then hottest 200 gunna be a big 3 days

Ok! We should change Australia Day to one of those dates! Why not?.....It's a new beginning..........Create a movement and make it happen!! Woot Cha!

Hahaa. I can't believe some people are upset over this 😂. Make your own playlist and play it on Jan 26th! Don't forget to add Tools Sober to the playlist

What else do expect from the ABC If the English did not settle here it would of been another country.

The comments truly reflect what Australia wants. Thank you for turning music into a race issue. How could you get it so wrong Triple J, I know by polling your selected demographic. #reclaimtriplej

For all those having a big whinge saying they’ll change radio stations, great 👍 the less fuckwits like you listening to the J’s the better.

All good the J's have been up the shit for a while now. Even more of an excuse not to listen. Piss weak..

What a shit decision. At least hottest 100 day on Australia was a way to celebrate music and take all the negativity off it, now it’s just back to an us against them day, this isn’t a step towards equality it’s just another way to devide because now Australia Day only stands for 1 thing. No more being proud to be Australian no matter what culture you originated from. I’m very disappointed. Now theirs sweet f all chance I’ll be able to continue listening to it religiously as I’m normally forced to work weekends.

The competition will capitalise now ready to take up market share with a similar count down. I guess listeners will switch now on Australia Day to listen to a different count down offered else where on another radio station. Like others have said if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Cameron Bretag Alex Rehbein Jack Bartholdt Cameron Day Boaz Bragg It’ll be good the years that 26th is on a Wednesday etc, at least I’ll have a workforce the day after hottest 100! 😂😂

Emma Choueifate this is how we will be spending your 27th Birthday. Sorry not sorry 🙊 Any issues take it up Triple J

Matt open invite to come to the cooks and enjoy the countdown on the 26th of January. We have a beach or 2. Nickie knows.

Paul Ryan ! All good! Back up the beer and sunburn with more beer and sunburn two days later 🇦🇺 🍺 ☀️

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LOVE WINS, EVERY TIME! ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago