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Splendour in the Grass 2016


Splendour In the Grass is an annual music, arts and culture event.


Where: North Byron Parklands
When: Fri 22, Sat 23 & Sun 24 July, 2016.


The Parklands site offers 660 acres of rolling green hills, beautiful lush bushland and waterlily covered dams, North Byron Parklands is just 20 minutes north of Byron Bay.

For official Splendour info visit the website at:

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Check out the latest creation from Struthless ✨ Who's your #SITG2018 dream collab? 🤘 ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Check out the latest creation from Struthless ✨ Whos your #SITG2018 dream collab? 🤘


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MDMA and DMT’s???

All I see is dmt

Mitchell Richards Joel Edward as if this doesn’t sound like the trains on the toilet episode Hahahaha

Oh my goodness Lachy Edwards


How dare you combine DMAs with Royalty!

imaggine Ashlee O'Leary

Lennon didnt you say somethin like this the other day hahahaha

DMA's and MGMT


DMT Hannah Chantrell

Kyra Mcdonald combo

Channing Wellington these combos are killing me 😭😭

Eassyyyyy Abbey Rathie

Lindsay Riley Chris Doherty Michael Hayward

Scarlett hmm

Shaun ThompsonDaniel CollensBella WaidemanElla KayJakè Diffen

Paddy Busby

Alex Verass

Liam Williams

Melinda West

Mia Ferrero

dune rats and fidlar. THX.

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Even we can't believe it! Want to score a VIP double pass to Splendour for the next decade? subscribe.splendourinthegrass.com/ ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago


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Who do you think will be headlining Splendour in 2027?

Is there a limit to how many times you can enter? 🧐

Vanessa Ryan make Brendan do it he has a gift

Keeley Hamilton would rid us of a lot of fkn stress

Laura Cross better chance winning this comp than getting tix

Jake Dean Lachlan Yeo Ryan Whittaker you boys have a better chance winning this than getting the resales I reckon

Christina will you still be up for Splendour in your thirties? 🤔 😜

Gabi Clarke I did it, so you should too

Fred Chalupa!!!! 😍 this would be as good as winning the lotto for sure

i'm having problems submitting mine have tried x3 🙁

Anyone else fills this out and not get the email to confirm? Thoughts Splendour in the Grass?

I’d actually just would be happy with a Sunday ticket for this year tbh Katie McNamara resale system is corrupt

Fids get your creative juices flowing

James Rogan get creative!! I want a decade of free splendour sir

Maddy Roberts Should see what I sent them, if I don't win this then it's as rigged as trying to get tickets off moshtix

Gabi Vuckovic brb just gonna win this real quick.

Hahah I'll see what I come up with

Ally Ryan get creative bch

Jason Graf no one will be able to win this either 😂😂😂😂

Ashleigh Towers absolutely do not want to win this

Tayah Kritzler Alison Rytmeister tagged you both twice just to remind you to enter hahaha

Emma Allen we should both enter this You never know!!

Monika Renée can one of you win this and take me occasionally? Not the least bit creative at the moment

Amber Serdét omg enter how good would this be !!! 😍

This is what I was talking about Morgan Bryant

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Splendour in the Grass shared triple j Unearthed's video.
Splendour in the Grass

Want to perform at #SITG2018? Well now's your chance thanks to triple j Unearthed - upload your track to Unearthed before June 10th and you could be opening the mainstage this July. Previous winners include KINGSWOOD, Art vs Science, Skegss, Alex Lahey, Tired Lion & more! 🤟🎸🎉

triple j Unearthed
So..wanna perform at Splendour in the Grass 2018?
... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago


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Ruby put ur singing voice to good use and win us some tix xx Natalie

Christina Kyriacou Maria Dimitrakas Josie Petrakis should we start a band so that we can get entry? Seems like an easier option than buying a ticket from Moshtix

Zac Morris I’ll play the tambourine in your band if this means I can go

Joshell Licera it’s honestly easier to just perform than get tickets at this stage #watchthisspace

Bronte are the guys gonna go for this?? They should

Lauren Adams this might be the only way we can get u a ticket, get singing

Mimi Sachinwalla should start a band so we can get splendour tickets and not have the panic of resale shenanigans 😂😩

Nick Alex surely form a boy band

Stephanie Wise you could get a ticket if you enter this!!!

Adrian Le might be the only way I can come

Shaye Milford let’s enter as a duo so we can actually go to splendour

Jess Lazarou your way into coming to splendour

Is there a green room you have to wait in before being allowed to upload your track? Jake Elphick Evie Moore

Alex Blazevski Daniel Butcher Mike Cutts found a way we can get tickets, shotgun lead singer ✌🏼

Sophie Baldock surely we can come up with something.. this will give us tickets 😂

Kayla Downey Jessica Kennedy might have to dance and sing our way in to the bloody festival

Kiara Thomson enter, get tickets done sorted

Alternative way of tixs? Sam get that pretty voice out 😉

David previous winners are interesting

Daria Hogg if I get free tix i would do it. Ps the memories

Dylan Cherry-Evans time to get the old band back together

Anna McLeod maybe your gonna have to perform to get a ticket

Tessa fuck it, let’s just enter unearthed 😂😂😂

Sebastian start actually doing shit

Jack Johnson hurry up and learn bass

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Happy mother's day to our one and only mother earth! 🌏🌊🌱 📸:Saxon Kent ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

Happy mothers day to our one and only mother earth! 🌏🌊🌱 📸:Saxon Kent
Splendour in the Grass shared triple j's video.
Splendour in the Grass

Ocean Alley taking on a classic 'Baby Come Back' for triple j Like A Version 🙌 #SITG2018

triple j
Ocean Alley crushed this. 'Baby Come Back' is a classic, and this is really fun.
... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago


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Alex Jorss Chelsea Clark what a timely cover after the news of NINE NINE

Oliver Patching I don’t wanna see this in my feed until I get tickets

Daniel Paroissien “stupid pentatonic shit” that’s literally what you said about this band

Laura Saunders another good music one! Ps takes a while to get started with singing 😛

Ben Brunner Lachy White been listening to this all day.

Josh Missen not seeing for your birthday anymore?

Dylan you'd be frothing😍

Lauren Baade these guys at splendour 😍

Nasmasha Truscott see gf told u it was player 💋

Nick Moodie you might like this band...

That kind of song bring back the good old days, i love it..

Adeline Ryan this got me feeling all sorts of things 😍

Cherie Enklaar sexual chocolate right there 😍

Finn Collins Donlon lol didn’t expect this, Jed’s twin on bass


Angus Mathieson get around this I tell ya

Lachlan Smith you will appreciate this

It was sick 🤙🤙

Kate Mason I missed this today 😢

And nailed it

Sammy tuuuunneee

Loved it!!

Matthew Ryan I know you’ll appreciate how good this is

John Freeman listen to this ❤️

Josh Agius I mean just 😍😍

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It's 2017 and Bernard Fanning is rocking out in the amphitheatre when he's joined on stage by none other than former bandmates Powderfinger, to perform their classic tracks 'These Days' and '(Baby I've Got You) On My Mind'. #SplendourinthePast #SITG2018 📸: Stills In Time ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Its 2017 and Bernard Fanning is rocking out in the amphitheatre when hes joined on stage by none other than former bandmates Powderfinger, to perform their classic tracks These Days and (Baby Ive Got You) On My Mind. #SplendourinthePast #SITG2018  📸: Stills In Time


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That should have shown them a reality check! The band is the core ...and what all great bands must learn is that there is something bigger than individuals in a band. the Stones - the Beatles - U2 - ACDC - all the greatest bands go the long haul.

Bella Corey Robert why do they remind me of this!!!! 😭

I've been to many Splendours and very occasionally something very special happens. This was one of them!!

However was not all of the band

How good was this Emily Alara Andrew ❤❤❤

Was dancing at his feet..was Awesome to rock out to these guys again..Loving Bernard..!!! 🙂

Not powderfinger without coggsy

What a great performance, I’ll never forget it Molly O'BrienGeorgia Gilbert

Troy Smith Callum McEwan Rebecca Young Carly Lockie Tabitha McNamara Charnnie Frimpong do you remember how good was this was!?!? Oh wait.. 😁

No JC no Finger..

Liv Ward i still watch the video and hear you crying in the background

Ensalada Jordan just in case you forgot 😂

No Cogs,no Powderfinger.

Max Mezger Simon MezgerHarry Mezger this was one of my highlights of Harry’s STIG 18th bday weekend.

I was there it was awesome 👌

Liam Bradd thanks for em

Phill Mayer your facial expression was priceless when the boys came out.

Best moment of splendour 2017, bring on 2018

Nina Werner I'm not a big Bernard fan but this was pretty cool

Allison Parker. Was amazing to see them all together again.

Kent van Twest so much #fomo... we were so close yet so far..

Isaac Dineen where THE FUCK were we

Ann Webb and we're on the hill oblivious. Eating burgers? 🤤

Elissa Coleman remember the first time I cried with happiness last year.

Yasmine Johns good times, now there’s a rumour they’re reuniting!

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Who would've thought Amy Shark's hidden talent is impersonating Jim Carrey? Need footage ASAP. #SITG2018 ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Who wouldve thought Amy Sharks hidden talent is impersonating Jim Carrey? Need footage ASAP. #SITG2018


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Kristin Miller this is my skill hahah i do it everyday 😂

Nick Jolly also impersonating taylor swift

Renee Kain

Round 2 of the Struthless #SITG2018 dream band collabs. Can you guess who makes up Rat and the Rats? 🧀 ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Round 2 of the Struthless #SITG2018 dream band collabs. Can you guess who makes up Rat and the Rats? 🧀


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X1selling 3 day ticket and camping Give me a call ‭ 0412 203 064‬

Mall rats and dunies? Now can like the top ten comments win three day tickets already? Likkkeee


Shannon noll ?

Mall rat and dunies

Jess O'Connor fleetwood mac and tina arena ????


Miranda Flannery I didn’t know we started a band x

Ben Roberts mall rat and dunies? 😂

mallrat and dune rats, sure would make for an interesting combo

Amy Crimmins you’re kiddingggggg

Annie Huynh didn’t know you were playing

Kenzie McDonald were jumping the fence

Rachel Green we should be in this band

mallrat and dunies! how good are these Maya Young

Chloe Dufty Mall rat and dunies:0

The Rat pack.


Luke Bunce mall rat and dune rayta for sure

Bailey Dean mall rat and dune rats


Not exactly sure, but defiantly know Garrett Hughes is one of the rats

Omg dude Mallrat and dune rats Lily Lines

Leila Hudson mall rag and dune rats omfg

Mall rat n dune rats!!!!!

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