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Splendour In the Grass is an annual music, arts and culture event.


Where: North Byron Parklands
When: Fri 20, Sat 21 & Sun 22 July, 2018.


The Parklands site offers 660 acres of rolling green hills, beautiful lush bushland and waterlily covered dams, North Byron Parklands is just 20 minutes north of Byron Bay.

For official Splendour info visit the website at:

Splendour in the Grass 2016

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Interviews in the Grass with our loves Angus and Julia Stone!

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4 days ago

Tune into triple j tonight from 8pm to relive Amy Shark's stunning #SITG2018 performance for Live at the Wireless!

📷: Savannah van der Niet
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5 days ago

Tune into triple j tonight from 8pm to relive Amy Sharks stunning #SITG2018 performance for Live at the Wireless! 📷: Savannah van der Niet


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She was boring enough live why tf would anyone choose to relive this

Shenaye ThorpeMason KulariMichael KotekKris Scott who’s keen to jam out tonight

Jai Thorpe nope

Claudia Kovalskis Jordan Jalalaty Todd Caisley Honoré Anderson brb

Hannah Howard get it inya

Morrie Harris can you see us? I feel like we would have been right behind amy

Ashleigh Thornton you love it

Vimaal Siva ConChris Sarellis ARRRRR AMY SHARK

Luke Brouwer our girl


Thandie Marin ur in the front row 🤣

Yazmin Laslett get keen

Laiken Watts Jordan Bulner Marvin Pleintinger The mems

Anna Byrne I'm sure you're all over this

Alex Jámos sound the alarm

Georgia Houlihan no thanks

Amy Shark? Quick, we better split! Rachel Hodder

Tayla Scarce another 7 days wasted

Brittany Cooke I will be spending tonight listening to triple j

Josh Dunn James Cullen Martin Russier you’re welcome

David Wood I think I can see you in this photo, very far left

Maggie Murphy for Lilss

Kristie-Lee Davies loud and clear

Samantha Lawrence I know you’ll be listening

James Wheeler

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Splendour Forum sure was something special this year! Who would you like to hear speak next year? 🎤

🎶: Alex Lahey
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1 week ago


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Petting zoo tent.

Ella Sandler made it

I think Hannah Shona And I walked into one of these tents late at night Kelly 😂 I was a bit too drunk for it 🙃

Splendour 2019 chat has commenced. - Jackie Ryan

Georgia Carmody sticky fingers ?!?

James Thurston - Forum loved Aunty Donna.....

Eddie Freemantle mate your sort of gig?

Savannah Allen u and I are in the first sec of this!!!

Jo Williams would be a good addition

Zochory Roano ummmm u were being interviewed in the same vid as Lauren Mayberry I’m... shook

Kalvin you're in there asking a question at q&a!

Omg Kirsten we’re famous!!!! 😂

Maddi Jones Matt Okine and Matt Okine only

Gary V

Kiara Mikhail next year bro

Lily Whitting Dylan Raftery Nicola Burdette Nicholas Hamilton Sean Munro Jayce Golding Paddy Black

Elsa's wholesome life about nutrition

Clinton Pryor

Ann O'Neill Dee Hynes we should be speaking at Splendour!

Great video Fay!!!

Marco D'Arrò: Ben Shapiro Gavin McInnes

Brad Whitehead 2.18

Amy Johnson Tash Harris Kate Nicole

Gemma Duff

Eleni Laoudikos

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Like Katy Perry with guitars 🎸Catch Hockey Dad on tour around Australia this Sep/Oct: splndr.co/HockeyDadTour18 #SITG2018 ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago


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James Cincotta

Paige Craswelll

Gemma Humphries

Tune into rage this weekend as Dylan Alcott takes you backstage at #SITG2018 🎤 ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Tune into rage this weekend as Dylan Alcott takes you backstage at #SITG2018 🎤


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Splendour ripped me off charged me $70.00 to park for 1 day totally outrageous

Charley Slater our interview lmao

Paying excess baggage fees for a wheelchair is abhorrent.

Dylan Alcott you are such a great guy so enjoyable to hang out at Splendour on Rage with you 💜❤💜

Where are u Dylan Alcott??

OMG I'm in love

Kelsey French Jamie Pace

Shannon Bradshaw

Hannah Gawne

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Splendour in the Grass shared triple j's video.
Splendour in the Grass

Baker Boy bringing the moves to a packed Mix Up Stage 🕺 #SITG2018

triple j
Baker Boy brings his 'Marryuna' moves to Splendour in the Grass 2018.
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3 weeks ago


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BEST👏🏼ACT👏🏼OF👏🏼SPLENDOUR👏🏼 💯💦😍🙌🏼 am I right ?! 💯💦😍🙌🏼 Brayden Furrer Patrick DonnellanElise Kench

Kathleen Glover Jess Wright can we go back 😩

Ian Clack the moves

Scott Taylor the fucks that.

Zane Sparke Ebony-Rose Hughes I legit love this man that much!!!

Melanie Jade is that your mate on the drums?

Are you moist Robert Cosmo Briant

Mitchell Camm looks like someone's stealing your dance moves

Sammy Jane Ahhh this is who I was telling you about that I wanted to see. 😫 next year is our year!

Inga Liana remember?

James Archer the didge

Kayla Corles so fun

Joel Poke we missed out again...

Awesome set

Splendour Highlight!

He was amazing.

Kyran Creed the bood can move

Ria Hornemann have you seen this? Amazing his next show near us is a must!!

Anna Van Boxtel groovy

Kysha Kerse here he is!

Josh Stewart Levi Bell Mitch Moore Xioa Yinjing

Wow I’m so mad you made me miss this Tazmyn Fuller

Justin Wijaya Sarah Chaplin Tom Gorman

Sarri Coles he was soo good 🙌🏽

Kade Heaphy-Wemyss

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Regretting not picking up some of those sweet #SITG2018 threads? All our festival merch is available online now. 👕 bandtshirts.com.au/shop/splendour-in-the-grass ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Regretting not picking up some of those sweet #SITG2018 threads? All our festival merch is available online now. 👕 https://bandtshirts.com.au/shop/splendour-in-the-grass


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Wish you stocked more children’s T-shirt’s!

Just in case you missed out on some special merch Luther Rohde here’s some bonus gear.

Well now I kinda want to get something Tara

Grace Gibson was it you who said you regretted not buying something


Emma Rapley another Skeggs jumper

Lara Bazelmans this years merch is way cooler than last years


Jane Hartley changed your mind again or glad you didn’t buy in? 😂😂

Wade Bindon i wanted the rainbow jumpet

Jimmy Maloney you can replace your stubby holder mate

Lisa Jones that windbreakers still available.....?? 🤔🤔

Tom Major the bum bag sold out.. devo

Amy Maree Jemma Price 😭 I still want the jumper

Elena Cutmore you know what I’m regretting??

Ruby Wallace in case there was anything you forgot to pick up

Jack Mcdonald should I get the jumper now

Georgia JazminGeorgia i just ordered one for floss

Megan Spann we don’t have to worry

Made in Chinese sweet shops

Are you gonna be restocking the black hoodie x

Kira Sullivan Melia Browne now I can make stubby holder arm protectors

sell some ballpark warehouse merch

Kain Swift get your gear bro

The vampire weekend shirts aren't here this is the saddest day of my life Hamish Braithwaite

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DAMN! What a time! #SITG2018 was one to remember and we want to say a huge thanks to our Splendour community for their enthusiasm for our event. You guys are the magic that makes Splendour so special. Big love to you all! See you next year 💕
🎵: Hockey Dad - Join The Club
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3 weeks ago


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Hey assholes, maybe you should focus on getting people to clean up their garbage instead of leaving the Earth in a mess.

Rachel Peachey post festival depression ☹️☹️☹️

this just made me cry sos Abbey Doyle

This gives me fomo and we WERE THERE Candice Looper

Monique Dalby ugh the respect of putting dom first

Leigh Foster there's old mate 😂


Dude the song gets me Phillippa Wood

Gypsy Thornton, just to ruin your day

Alaina Chance fly to Aus and do splendour w me

A bit of hockey dad for ya Henry Rogerson

An experience I will never forget.

Tarrin Groot-Zevert is that the final re-cap video? Because I’m not over it yet.

You should have Taylor swift next year

Please make more tickets available next year . Lots of us missed out !!!!! Adona Tello Holly Howarth check this little vid out

Bonnie Forsyth I spy two people in this that had a Ab Fab glittery time at Splendy 🙊🙊

Henry Mac Join the club used for the Hockey Dad Aus tour video too lmfao

Carla Brew Hayley Gabrio we need to get involved in witchcraft so we can get tickets for next year

Matt Rooney you should’ve been there tbh

Liam Hughes 2 days back in real life and I wanna go back 😢

Jarrad Nairne hockey dad the next gang of youths

Katja Krstic hOw gOoood weRE the PResEts THOOOO

Brett Sinclair can’t wait for next year!!!!

James Martin this is a festival we need to go to!!!

Kiana Red Bandana TV goals

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Splendour in the Grass added 43 new photos — with Darby Nash and 4 others at Splendour in the Grass.
Splendour in the Grass

Humans of #SITG2018 ... See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago


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Renee Kenny throw back to when the photo of us got more likes on the official splendour instagram than most of the 2015 acts

Kayla Davis Holly Davis are you there?

I'm coming next year to splendour in the grass woohoo

Fuck that hill

Pretty sure y’all took a photo of me and my boy Shaphan Kievit where is it?

Looks like you have the weather for it Erin Werder-Ross Damien Werder 🙌

Charlie oi mate that looks like you in the white sunnies first pic aye

Syd and I were just talking about this. Yes!! Angie Sicily x

Bellissime foto!!

Tanya Gower are you in these photos?

Emmy I wish we were humansof sitg

Katie McIntyre I wanna see you in one of these

Raiff Lawson we should take Navadah one year!

Nicole Cosgrove next year?? Xx

Muy JuMuy Missed it la

Joanna Ruby Teagen

Angela Wetton next year lock it in!

Kate Drexler

Leanne Skinner

Matt Bykersma 😢

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