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Premium plugins and Products


Tips and Tricks

WordPress Photo SellerWP Photo Seller WordPress plugin
Sell your photos, images, prints from your WordPress blog securely. The plugin gives you the ability to upload lots of photos and then automatically creates photo selling galleries with them.

WP Shopping CartWP eStore Shopping Cart WordPress Plugin
WordPress Shopping Cart, Sell digital and non-digital products from your WordPress blog securely.

WP Lightbox Ultimate WordPress plugin
The WordPress Lightbox Ultimate plugin allows you to embed your media files (images, videos, mp3 etc) on a post or page using lightbox overlay display.

WordPress eMember Membership PluginWP eMember Membership WordPress Plugin
Simple membership management plugin for your WordPress site.

WP Affiliate PlatformWP Affiliate Platform WordPress plugin
Easy to use, simple Affiliate Management Software for WordPress blog/site.

Affiliate Link ManagerWP Affiliate Link Manager WordPress plugin
Revolutionize your approach to your affiliate marketing business by automating the repetitive tasks.

WP PDF StamperWP PDF Stamper WordPress plugin
Protect your eBooks from being uploaded to file sharing sites by automatically stamping the footer of your PDF files with the customer's personal details (e.g. name, email, address) upon purchase!

Why Buy a Premium WordPress Plugin or Theme?

Customer Support
Developers offering premium WordPress plugins and themes tend to stand behind their plugins and provide good customer support. This is a rarity for free WordPress plugins or themes in most cases. A free product developer can’t really stand behind his product and answer your questions if he is not getting paid in some way.

Better Codebase
Free WordPress plugins or themes are sometimes developed by hobbyists who do not have a good grasp of WordPress’s coding guidelines. This can result in a poorly coded product with potential security holes.

Also, good premium products are usually developed by knowledgeable coders who keep the site performance in mind when developing the product. This ensures that your site’s performance won’t go down after you install.

Continued Development and Updates
Premium WordPress plugin and theme developers usually continue to update their products’ coding to fix bugs, add features and improve the overall design to keep up with current web trends. You usually get these updates for free.

Premium WordPress plugin and theme developers will also keep the product up to date with the latest release of WordPress. This ensures that you won’t get stuck with an incompatible product down the path and no chance of getting any help.

Competitive Edge
Premium WordPress plugins and themes usually offer more functionality and has superior back-end usability. This can give you an immediate advantage over your competitors.