WordPress has evolved. Once the bloggers platform of choice, WordPress has become the website platform of choice. WordPress powers over half of the top million websites (March 2014).

With over 30,000 free plugins, you can do almost anything. I recommend about 50 plugins and I usually install about a dozen WordPress plugins by default. Read more about WordPress website security, protection, prevention.

There are thousands of Themes available for free and premium. I recommend these Themes & theme markets.

I’ve expanded my recommendations to the Premium WordPress market which has exploded over the last few years to provide some quality standalone products and worthwhile upgrades.

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Jan 072014

You can set up and manage one vote per person (Vote permissions) using the built in filter cookie and IP address, but it’s not bullet proof, without burdening the user to register, and then filtering vote permission with username.

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Nov 142013

*** PLUGIN NOT UPDATED (see below) *** Useful if your theme does not have their own widget for displaying single category posts as a widget. If you only want to display a list of posts in that same category then combine with Display Widgets plugin, to control where to show. Alternative plugin: Category Posts Widget

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Apr 252013

I’m now using MailChimp for WordPress. WARNING: Nmedia MailChimp Widget version 4.0 does not connect to the previous version options settings – please check the changelog. A popular solution for use with a free mailchimp.com account.   An alternative to Mailchimp is a fully WordPress integrated solution is MailPoet Newsletters plugin.

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Mar 062013

I recommend this plugin when you want to separate your custom style sheet (CSS) rules in to different files. If you just want one file to manage all your custom CSS rules, then I recommend My Custom CSS plugin. If you want to place CSS (style sheet) or JS (Javascript) rules on specific pages, I recommend Specific CSS/JS for Posts and Pages. If you wish to modify any of the theme template files (.php), then it’s best to create a child theme.

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Feb 262013

MailPoet Newsletters – Wysija Newsletters integrates collecting and sending to email subscriptions (mail-list) with your website / blog – no need for any external mail-list service. You can see an example of this plugin at the Eco-Parenting Blog. The popular alternative is to use a mailchimp.com account with a mailchimp subscription plugin.

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Jan 162013

Expandable content boxes are great for FAQ pages and managing reusable content, providing further onsite content and links. Expandable sections work well when repeating content using Global Content Blocks.

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Nov 092012

I recommend the Donate Extra plugin as a simple solution to receiving donations via PayPal on your website. Donate Extra is a forked plugin to replace Donate Plus which had an PayPal IPN issue and was not updated since 2011. Donate Extra plugin was published at the WP Library on 19th October, 2012 and has resolved the IPN and also other issues since.

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